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 Because I'm new at guitar, I thought I'd submit this song with easier chords because I'm 
sure there are others that cannot play barre chords like me. :)

Capo 2

Ball Park Music - It's Nice To Be Alive


G C D D7

G Em C D x 2

[Verse] - G, C, D, D7

G                            C
Boring as bat-shit you people make me feel so
D                           D7
Curious and I don't know why You think you'll end up in the sky

G                        C
Happy as Larry and riding sheep on clouds, well,
D                          D7
I'd prefer your enthusiasm, while you're here with me

[Tag]   -    G, B, C, D

      G                      B
So stop! Don't get carried  a-way
C                                D
Darlin' don't you understand that every time we wave our hands
       G                   B
We're cool. We're fucking a-mazing
We dropped down from some other dimension,
Just to be with you

[Chorus] -  G Em C D

Don't stress
That's dumb
C                 D
I'm here, and it's nice to be alive

Chill out,
It's alright
Kiss me,
It's nice to be alive

[Verse 2]

G                            C                 D
Lovers need lovers and I'm im-pressed by all the goods out on display
I don't know what to say
G                                  C
I'm thinking, I'm thinking, Waaoooo-oooh!
I'd prefer your enthusiasm,
While you're here with me






C                  D
It's nice to be alive
C                  D
It's nice to be alive
C                D    G
It's nice to be a-liiiiiive 

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