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danny boy crd

 Use a Capo on fret 1 for this song.

   G7           C                             F                             
   Oh, Dan-ny  Boy,  the pipes, the pipes are call - ing ____from glen to
   C                       Am            D7         G7
   Glen    and  down  the  moun-tain     side ________ The    sum - mer's 
   C                     C7               F                 G
  Gone,     and all the  flowers  are     dying, ______ Tis you,  tis
   C             G7           C           G7        C         F         G7 
  You   must go, and I  must  bide,___But come ye  back when sum-mer's in
    C                G7           C             F           C
the Mea - dow, ___Or when the     val - ley's   hushed and white    with
   D7      G7                            C   C7      F
  Snow _______ Tis    I'll     be       here   in   sun - shine  or  in 
   C     Am    F               G7        C         Am     G7 
   Sha - dow.  ____  Oh,   Dan-ny        Boy,   oh Dan-ny Boy,  I   Love  you
   C  F  G7  C                                           G7
   So!______                                             And  if  you

  C                                      F 
   Come,    when all  the  flowers  are   dy  -  ing,__   if   I    am
    C                     Am             D7            G7
   Dead,     as  dead  I  well   may     be,_________  I pray You'll
    C                           C7       F              G
   Find      the  place  where  I  am    ly - ing, ____   and  kneel  and
   C       G7                 C       G7        C            F       G7
   Say  an A - ve there  for  me;__And I shall  hear, though soft you tread
   C                       F     G7       C            F         C
  Above_   me,_____   and  all   my       grave  shall war-mer,  sweet-er
   D7     G7                             C   C7         F
   Be, _____ Then    you     will         kneel      and   whisper   that you    
   C         Am                C       Am        Dm7           G7    C
   Love-  me,___ and I shall   sleep in peace un-til  you come  to   me.
   Am            C        Am       Dm7             G   C
   and I shall   sleep in peace un-til  you come  to   me. 

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