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homecoming ver2 crd

(Hey Monday)

[Guitar intro]

Em          G           D           A
Homecoming, I'm coming, my sweet mistake
Em             G                 D      A
Summer's over, hope it's not too late
Em          G          D        A
I'm pacing, impatient, up in my head

Em                G                 D    A
Taken back to the sidewalk where we met

                   A                      C
And carved out our names, Do you remember that?

           Em               G
I'm coming home, I'm coming home
             D               A
Did you take off while I was gone?
            Em                G               D  A
I missed it all, I messed you up, I missed you
           Em            G
I'm coming home, I wanna know
             D               A
When all the leaves begin to fall
       Em       G        D  A                
If I'm falling, falling apart for you       

[guitar lead for 4 bars]

Descending, I'm spinning, lost all defense
How could you swallow me again?
I left you, I meant to, couldn't let you in
Never mind a single word I said


              C                       D
You've got control of me, is this the end of me?
         G                     D
'Cause I just can't cut up the strings
I'm coming back for more
               D                            Em  B  C  D (2x)
Don't let your heart go, please don't walk away
Homecoming, I'm coming, I'm coming back
(Chorus) 2x   
For You
homecoming ver2 crd
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