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bright eyes ver3 tab

 The whole song is basically the same. Which is why i went through the process of 
for this thing so it can be done semi right. I listened to it, and he hits certain bass notes 
my version which is prolly the same throught, but the rest may vary i dont know.

    E|--8--|          E|--1--|    |--8--|         E|--3--|
    a|--10-|          a|--3--|    |--8--|         a|--5--|
C:  d|--10-|      F:  d|--3--| or |--10-|     G:  d|--5--|
    g|--9--|          g|--2--|    |--10-|         g|--4--|
    b|--8--|          b|--1--|    |--10-|         b|--3--|
    e|--10-|          e|--1--|    |--8--|         e|--3--|

        C             F                      C          G               C
|---------------------------------|   |-----------------3-------------------|
|-------8-----8-------1--1--3--1--|   |----8---8---3-----3-----------------8|
|-------9-----9-------2---------2-|   |----9---9----4-----4-----4----------9|
|-------10----10----3-------------| x3|----10--10----------5---5----------10|
|----10------------3--------------|   |--10-----------5-----------------10--|
|--8--------8---------------------|   |-8-----8--3-----------3---3-5-7-8----|


basically just follow the pattern in the intro. The first part. He will use the second 
but you will be good little musicians and find out where.

---in the song when Jason says:---

\\" Growin' older more into a man\\" 

on \\" man\\" , he plays the A string 9th fret. That's it.

\\" ...the day we spent in miles..\\" 

on \\" miles\\" , keepp the Fchord,and take the 3rd fret on the d string and move it to the 4th.

-This part is a bit different:

                      F                     C
And she sang 'let the sun shine in. And face it with a grin.'
         G                                 C
Oh smilers they never lose. Oh and frowners, they never win.
            F                      C
Oh let the sun shine in. And face it with a grin.
          G                      C    F*   C
Oh fill your heart, and let the sun shine in.

\\" ..stored away in the corner of my heart..\\" 

on \\" my\\" , again keep the F, and take the 3rd on the d and move it to 4.

\\" ..take that day away from me. Oh no.\\"   strum C, G, C

F* really at any point in the song you can play either version of F. Here i find it 
to use the second one, using the A string as the bass note. It's a fairly quick change.

That's it. cool. peace out.