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no stopping us ver2 crd

   / Jason Mraz                     /
  / No Stopping Us                 /
 / Waiting for My Rocket to Come  /

The main groove is the one switching between Abmaj7 and Dbmaj9, but since there
really aren't any good-sounding ways of playing a Dbmaj9 on just guitar, I've
thrown in some different voicings to spice up an acoustic version.
Notice that Jason plays with a capo on the 1st fret live. It's actually not for
any use chord-wise - it's simply just sounds less horrible if you accidentally
strike open strings with the capo on :)

   Abmaj7  Dbmaj9             Cm7  Bm7  Bbm7  Db11sus   Bmaj7 Dbmaj7 Cmaj7 Eb
e:---3-------8---4--11--11-- --8----7----6-------4---- ---6-----8-----7--------:
B:---4-------9---4---9---9-- --8----7----6-------7---- ---7-----9-----8----8---:
G:---5------10---5---8--10-- --8----7----6-------4---- ---8----10-----9----8---:
D:---5------10---6---8--10-- --8----7----6-------6---- ---8----10-----9----8---:
A:---x-------x---4---x---x-- --x----x----x-------4---- ---x-----x-----x----6---:
E:---4-------9-------9---9-- --8----7----6------------ ---7-----9-----8--------:

 Intro (verse):
| Abmaj7 | Dbmaj9 | Abmaj7 | Dbmaj9 |

| Abmaj7 | Dbmaj9 | Abmaj7 | Dbmaj9 |


| Cm7  Bm7 | Bbm7 | Cm7  Bm7 | Bbm7 |

| Cm7  Bm7 | Bbm7 | Db11sus | Db11sus |

 Interlude (verse)



 Interlude (verse)

 Bridge:                          [break timing:]
                                   3      3&+&  4+
| Bmaj7 | Bmaj7 | Dbmaj7 | Dbmaj7  Dbmaj7 Cmaj7 Bmaj7 |

| Bmaj7 | Bmaj7 | Dbmaj7 | Eb |

 Keyboard Solo (verse)


 Outro (verse), end on Dbmaj9

Would it take a baker's dozen to get my point to you?
Would it take a half a pound to roll a joint for you?
Would it take some hailing Mary's so full of grace to get my sound to you?
Will you help me break it down and get on through?

Now to the other side
It's easy of you only try
We don't lie down on the job
Because once we hit the top there's no stopping us
Ain't no stopping us

Should I address all my letters to the well to be?
Should I say return to sender is just a well be done?
Should I better not take it so personally if all the good loving is never received?
Baby, if it was me, well I wouldn't think twice

No, not I
It's easy if you only try
We don't lie down on the job or worse
Because once we hit the top there's no stopping us
There's no stopping us

I will drive a thousand miles or I'll meet you at the station
If only you would take a vacation from this thing you have created
I promise to make it worth your while
You know that I'll try

So c'mon try, baby won't you try
It's easy if you do not run
I promise you you'll have your fun
Because once we hit the top we've just begun
There's no stopping us

- 1st /February /09
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