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song for a friend intro tab

                             Song For A Friend - Jason Mraz
Tabbed by: Cosmin Tacea

Tuning: standard

Hi there. I present to you here the tab which is 110% sure right (you don't have
to believe my word, just believe your ears when you play this) for the verses part. 
I really didn't have much time in checking out the bridge
but i'm sure you'll find in the other tabs of this song.

video reference:

  Bm(add4)  B11  Gmaj13  Bm11  

          (1) Bm(add4)                            (2) B11

e -------0--*-----------0-------|-------2--*------------2-------|
B ----------*--3---3--3^--3-----|----------*--3---3--3^--3------|
G -----4^---*---4----4^---4-----|-----4^---*----4----4^---4-----|
D -----4^---*-------------------|-----4^---*--------------------|
A --2--2^---*----------------2--|--0--0^---*-----------------0--|
E ----------*-------------------|----------*--------------------|
          (3) Gmaj13            (4) Bm11/Bm(add4)/Bm11

e ------0--*--------------0----|-------------------0--*------------0------|
B ---------*----3---3--3^--3---|----------------------*--3---3--3^--3-----|
G ----4^---*------4----4^---4--|-----------4^---------*----4----4^---4----| 
D ----4^---*-------------------|-----------4^---------*-------------------|
A ----0^---*-------------------|--------2--0^---------*-------------------|
E --3------*-------------------|--2--0---------0h2----*-------------------|
                                                        ( play this last
                                                         section faster)

The * represents the fact that there is a slight pause there between sections. The
 rest of the notes are close together because they are in quick succession. Watch
 the youtube link to see this.
 To make it easier for it to be played (as I have seen it from Mr. Mraz himself),
 the bottom e- and B-string have to be picked with your middle finger, and for the
 G-string use your index finger. This is because, as you can see in the tab, you
 often alternate between picking the B- and G-string. When you have to pick the
 e-string (like in the first section of the tab) just use your middle finger, then
 for the next string to be picked, the B-string, use the same finger, bringing it
 up from the e- to the B string. Then pick G and B normally with the middle and
 index finger.
 As for the small downward strumming motion, use the nails of your index and middle