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the darkest space ver2 crd

 Jason Mraz - The Darkest Space 
From the album 'On Love, In Sadness: The E minor EP in F'

Jason uses a capo on 1st fret on the recording on the E minor EP in F album but he 
uses the capo on 2 for the live plays I have heard.

    Em    Em7    B7   Am7   Cmaj7 Gmaj7   F

Verse Chords:
|: Em, Em7, B7, Am7, B7, Em :|

Basic strumming pattern:
   Em     Em7    B7              Am7      B7       Em
  PM--|  PM--|  PM--| PM--|     PM-|     PM-|      PM--|

Chorus Chords: (where they fall displayed in the lyrics)
Cmaj7, Gmaj7, Cmaj7, Gmaj7, F, Cmaj7, B7

Outro Chords:
|: Am7, B7, Em :|


(Verse 1) 
Well I'm not just a song anymore
I just might be the whole damn score
I might be realing in your head while
you're sleeping in your bed at night
well I'm not just along anymore
I finally found what I've been lookin for
I might be sitting in the passenger's
side but not along for the ride
Cause I have control of a home grown situation
I lay back and then I turn the alarm off and turn out the light
There's goin to be some quality sleeping
cuz quality's keeping the quality up at night
I am fixed to lay with my arms out and learning to fly

Through the darkest space
Where I try to catch up to the catch phrased
 Cmaj7          Gmaj7
Human race I say let the games begin
F                Cmaj7
Under way say in conditions that we play in
Maybe things are better this way
may the games begin today.

(Verse 2)
'Cause I'm just above
the aggrevation of love
and I raise to opimistical fortune and toasting it twice
I'm sitting high on an anytime any day night
And I laugh to think I'm crying my eyes out well isn't it nice

(Chorus x2)

Verse chords for a few bars skatting around 'Don't you want some love'
Then the outro chords over skatting.

End on and Em or play a natural harmonic on low E string fret 5.


Tab Key:

PM  -  Palm mute
 /  -  Slide up
 \  -  Slide down
 x  -  Muted or 'dead' note