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put the blame on me crd

                           Put The Blame On Me

G                       Em             
We went out to a party saturday night,
G                                Em
You danced with someone else and held him so tight,
   C                             D
I told myself don't worry it's ok, 
        G                                   Em     
But you know it hurts to see you dance that way,
C           D                      G
Oh babe, Oh babe, put the blame on me.

G                        Em               
I havn't told you lately that i love you,
G                            Em     
That dosn't mean to say that i've been untrue,
C                                 D  
my guess is you think im not your lover,
G                                     Em
and thats why your tryin hard to find another,
   C        D                      Em 
oh babe, oh babe, put the blame on me.

Well i used to take you out and hold you under the moon,
so many nights i can't forget,
you look so nice and wear the sweetest perfume,
D            C                  F        G
Everything a man could want you had and yet,
G                             Em
I took you for granted yes I know that it's bad,
    G                   Em  
and now I realize, stop making me sad,
C                            D
Oh I want you back inside my heart,
      G                                   D  
and I never should have lost you from the start,
   C        D                      G
oh babe, oh babe, put the blame on me

   C        D                      G
Oh babe, oh babe, but the blame on me

             End: G G Em G