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Alkaline Trio is an American punk rock band from McHenry, Illinois. The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Matt Skiba, bassist and vocalist Dan Andriano, and drummer Derek Grant. Founded in late 1996 by Skiba, bassist Rob Doran, and drummer Glenn Porter, Alkaline Trio released its debut single, "Sundials", in 1997. Following its release, Doran departed from the band and was replaced by Dan Andriano. The band subsequently recorded an EP, For Your Lungs Only (1998), and its debut studio album, Goddamnit (1998). Following the release of the band's second album, Maybe I'll Catch Fire (2000), Porter left the band and was replaced by Mike Felumlee for its subsequent album, From Here to Infirmary (2001). Backed by the singles "Stupid Kid" and "Private Eye", From Here to Infirmary significantly increased the band's exposure, and its follow-up, Good Mourning (2003), charted highly on the Billboard 200. Good Mourning marked the recording debut of current drummer Derek Grant. In 2005, the...
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100 stories crd540.00


5 3 10 4 btab670.00
5 3 10 4 tab610.00


97 acoustic tab520.00
97 btab580.00
97 live btab590.00
97 tab580.00
97 ver2 btab430.00
97 ver2 tab550.00
97 ver3 btab510.00
97 ver3 tab550.00


agony and irony album btab600.00
alkaline trio album tab460.00
all on black acoustic tab560.00
all on black acoustic ver2 tab530.00
all on black btab560.00
all on black tab570.00
all on black ver2 btab520.00
all on black ver2 tab570.00
all on black ver3 tab510.00
all on black ver4 tab580.00
all on black ver5 tab550.00
angel alcohol btab630.00
angel alcohol tab530.00
another innocent girl btab480.00
another innocent girl crd520.00
another innocent girl live tab720.00
another innocent girl tab500.00
another innocent girl ver2 btab510.00
another innocent girl ver2 tab480.00
armageddon btab630.00
armageddon crd680.00
armageddon tab550.00
armageddon ver2 btab650.00
armageddon ver2 tab390.00
armageddon ver3 btab590.00
armageddon ver3 tab570.00
armageddon ver4 tab550.00
armaggedon btab600.00
as you were btab490.00
as you were tab660.00


back to hell btab570.00
back to hell drum tab530.00
back to hell tab800.00
back to hell ver2 tab560.00
back to hell ver3 tab600.00
back to hell ver4 tab500.00
back to hell ver5 tab680.00
bleeder acoustic crd620.00
bleeder btab620.00
bleeder crd590.00
bleeder tab650.00
bleeder ver2 tab520.00
bleeder ver3 tab460.00
bloodied up btab540.00
bloodied up tab570.00
bloodied up ver2 tab610.00
blue carolina acoustic crd500.00
blue carolina btab580.00
blue carolina crd670.00
blue carolina tab600.00
blue carolina ver2 crd590.00
blue carolina ver2 tab460.00
blue in the face acoustic tab560.00
blue in the face btab440.00
blue in the face crd520.00
blue in the face tab550.00
blue in the face ver2 crd430.00
blue in the face ver3 crd460.00
buried tab620.00
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burn acoustic crd570.00
burn btab540.00
burn tab550.00
burn ver2 btab600.00
burn ver2 tab570.00
burn ver3 btab510.00
burn ver3 tab530.00
burned is the house btab530.00
burned is the house crd590.00
bye bye love tab730.00


calling all skeletons btab600.00
calling all skeletons crd490.00
calling all skeletons tab450.00
calling all skeletons ver2 tab520.00
children in heat tab500.00
clavicle btab530.00
clavicle crd570.00
clavicle tab510.00
continental btab610.00
continental crd560.00
continental tab570.00
continental ver2 tab600.00
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continental ver4 tab580.00
cooking wine btab610.00
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cop btab530.00
cop crd550.00
cop tab610.00
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crawl btab590.00
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crawl tab560.00
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crimson album tab480.00
cringe btab590.00
cringe crd560.00
cringe tab530.00
cringe ver2 btab540.00
cringe ver2 tab510.00
cringe ver3 btab610.00
cringe ver4 btab510.00


dead and broken btab480.00
dead and broken tab580.00
dead and broken ver2 btab500.00
dead end road tab610.00
dead on the floor acoustic crd600.00
dead on the floor tab540.00
dead on the floor ver2 tab510.00
death bed tab550.00
death bed ver2 tab690.00
dethbed btab620.00
dethbed ver2 btab640.00
dine dine my darling crd470.00
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do you wanna know btab670.00
do you wanna know crd550.00
do you wanna know tab520.00
do you wanna know ver2 btab530.00
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do you wanna know ver3 crd640.00
donner party all night btab630.00
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donner party all night long ver2 tab530.00
dont say you wont btab560.00
dont say you wont tab590.00
draculina crd530.00


eating me alive crd540.00
emma acoustic tab680.00
emma btab520.00
emma crd510.00
emma tab420.00
emma ver2 btab500.00
emma ver2 crd480.00
emma ver2 tab570.00
enjoy your day crd610.00
enjoy your day tab710.00
enjoy your day ver2 crd510.00
enjoy your day ver2 tab520.00
enjoy your day ver3 tab570.00
every thug needs a lady btab560.00
every thug needs a lady live acoustic crd590.00
every thug needs a lady tab680.00
every thug needs a lady ver2 tab440.00
every thug needs a lady ver3 tab530.00
exploding boy btab590.00
exploding boy tab520.00


fall victim btab560.00
fall victim crd590.00
fall victim tab690.00
fall victim ver2 btab530.00
fall victim ver2 tab530.00
fatally yours btab480.00
fatally yours crd580.00
fatally yours tab730.00
fatally yours ver2 tab600.00
fatally yours ver3 tab530.00
fine acoustic crd600.00
fine acoustic ver2 crd610.00
fine btab670.00
fine without you tab590.00
fine without you ver2 tab540.00
fire down below tab510.00
for your lungs only tab540.00
from here to infirmary album tab530.00
from here to infirmiry album tab480.00
fruit please intro tab620.00
fruit please tab490.00
fuck you aurora btab530.00
fuck you aurora crd530.00
fuck you aurora tab490.00
fuck you aurora ver2 btab550.00
fuck you aurora ver2 crd570.00
fuck you aurora ver2 tab600.00


goddamnit album tab540.00
good mourning album tab520.00
goodbye forever btab580.00
goodbye forever intro tab480.00
goodbye forever tab480.00
goodbye forever ver2 btab480.00
goodbye forever ver2 tab520.00


hating every minute tab590.00
heaven tab530.00
hell yes btab550.00
hell yes crd530.00
hell yes tab550.00
hell yes ver2 tab510.00
hell yes ver3 tab520.00
hell yes ver4 tab570.00
hell yes ver5 tab500.00
hell yes ver6 tab640.00
hell yes ver7 tab500.00
help me btab610.00
help me crd510.00
help me tab560.00
help me ver2 btab590.00
help me ver2 crd550.00
help me ver2 tab630.00
help me ver3 tab650.00


i found away btab600.00
i found away crd470.00
i held her in my arms tab470.00
i lied my face off btab690.00
i lied my face off tab600.00
i lied my face off ver2 btab490.00
i lied my face off ver2 tab560.00
i lied my face off ver3 btab500.00
i remember a rooftop crd440.00
i remember a rooftop ver2 crd660.00
i was a prayer btab600.00
i was a prayer crd470.00
i was a prayer tab510.00
i was a prayer ver2 tab550.00
if we never go inside btab500.00
if we never go inside tab430.00
if we never go inside ver2 tab490.00
if you had a bad time crd690.00
im dying tomorrow btab580.00
im dying tomorrow crd500.00
im dying tomorrow tab520.00
in my stomach tab520.00
in vain tab560.00
in vein btab510.00
in vein crd520.00
in vein tab440.00
in vein ver2 tab600.00
in your wake crd560.00
into the night acoustic crd510.00
into the night acoustic ver2 crd540.00
into the night btab580.00


jaked on green beers btab630.00
jaked on green beers crd580.00
jaked on green beers tab470.00
jaked on green beers ver2 tab540.00


keep em coming btab490.00
keep em coming tab650.00
keep em coming ver2 tab570.00
kick rocks tab530.00


lead poisoning btab450.00
lead poisoning crd530.00
lead poisoning tab570.00
lead poisoning ver2 btab540.00
lead poisoning ver2 tab620.00
lead poisoning ver3 tab560.00
live young die fast acoustic crd490.00
live young die fast btab470.00
live young die fast crd520.00
live young die fast tab580.00
lost and rendered btab540.00
lost and rendered tab500.00
love love kiss kiss btab440.00
love love kiss kiss crd460.00
love love kiss kiss intro tab650.00
love love kiss kiss tab680.00
love love kiss kiss ver2 tab660.00


madam me btab680.00
madam me tab1110.00
madame me tab590.00
maybe ill catch fire acoustic crd630.00
maybe ill catch fire acoustic tab540.00
maybe ill catch fire acoustic ver2 crd630.00
maybe ill catch fire acoustic ver3 crd590.00
maybe ill catch fire btab490.00
maybe ill catch fire tab470.00
maybe ill catch fire ver2 btab540.00
mercy me acoustic crd530.00
mercy me acoustic ver2 crd530.00
mercy me btab560.00
mercy me crd610.00
mercy me tab550.00
mercy me ver2 btab530.00
mercy me ver2 tab570.00
mercy me ver3 btab470.00
mercy me ver3 tab540.00
mercy me ver4 tab700.00
mercy me ver5 tab470.00
mercy me ver6 tab470.00
message from kathlene btab510.00
message from kathlene tab550.00
metro btab670.00
metro tab470.00
movin right along crd560.00
mr chainsaw acoustic crd510.00
mr chainsaw btab630.00
mr chainsaw crd420.00
mr chainsaw tab650.00
mr chainsaw ver2 btab590.00
mr chainsaw ver2 crd610.00
mr chainsaw ver2 tab480.00
my friend peter btab540.00
my friend peter crd560.00
my friend peter tab570.00
my friend peter ver2 tab540.00
my friend peter ver3 tab560.00
my little needle btab520.00
my little needle tab550.00
my little needle ver2 btab480.00
my little needle ver2 tab500.00
my standard break from life acoustic crd600.00
my standard break from life btab520.00
my standard break from life tab470.00
my standard break from life ver2 tab490.00


nose over tail btab590.00
nose over tail crd730.00
nose over tail tab540.00
nose over tail ver2 btab640.00
nose over tail ver2 tab530.00
nose over tail ver3 btab650.00


off the map btab550.00
off the map crd760.00
off the map tab610.00
old school reasons btab510.00
old school reasons tab450.00
old school reasons ver2 btab490.00
olde english 800 crd470.00
olde english 800 ver2 crd460.00
one hundred stories btab520.00
one hundred stories intro tab520.00
one hundred stories tab510.00
one hundred stories ver2 tab620.00
one hundred stories ver3 tab490.00
over and out btab540.00
over and out crd530.00
over and out tab560.00
over and out ver2 crd620.00
over and out ver2 tab440.00
over and out ver3 tab480.00
over at the frankenstein place btab630.00
over at the frankenstein place tab530.00


piss and vinegar crd570.00
piss and vinegar tab580.00
poison btab540.00
poison crd510.00
poison tab510.00
poison ver2 tab670.00
poison ver3 tab490.00
poison ver4 tab610.00
prevent this tragedy tab450.00
private eye btab550.00
private eye crd810.00
private eye intro tab620.00
private eye tab650.00
private eye ver2 btab500.00
private eye ver2 crd580.00
private eye ver2 tab520.00
private eye ver3 btab540.00
private eye ver3 tab570.00
private eye ver4 btab660.00
private eye ver4 tab730.00
private eye ver5 btab550.00
private eye ver5 tab540.00


queen of pain btab500.00
queen of pain drum tab610.00
queen of pain tab580.00
queen of pain ver2 tab520.00


radio btab550.00
radio crd460.00
radio drum tab570.00
radio tab940.00
radio ver2 btab800.00
radio ver2 tab610.00
radio ver3 btab610.00
radio ver3 tab610.00
remains album tab530.00
rooftops btab580.00
rooftops tab640.00
rooftops ver2 tab680.00
ruin it btab550.00


sadie btab680.00
sadie crd540.00
sadie tab690.00
sadie ver2 btab690.00
sadie ver2 tab520.00
sadie ver3 btab910.00
sadie ver3 tab480.00
sadie ver4 tab480.00
san francisco btab420.00
san francisco crd590.00
san francisco tab560.00
san francisco ver2 btab620.00
san francisco ver2 crd470.00
san francisco ver2 tab690.00
san francisco ver3 tab600.00
settle for satin btab500.00
settle for satin crd540.00
settle for satin tab440.00
she took him to the lake crd450.00
she took him to the lake tab460.00
she took him to the lake ver2 crd490.00
sleepyhead tab630.00
sleepyhead ver2 tab500.00
sleepyhead ver3 tab450.00
sleepyhead ver4 tab470.00
smoke btab490.00
smoke tab520.00
smoke ver2 btab590.00
snake oil tanker btab520.00
snake oil tanker tab540.00
snake oil tanker ver2 tab550.00
song for julie crd490.00
song for julie tab580.00
sorry about that crd520.00
sorry about that tab530.00
sorry about that ver2 tab560.00
southern rock tab600.00
southern rock ver2 tab640.00
stained in satin tab460.00
steamer trunk btab480.00
steamer trunk tab470.00
steamer trunk ver2 tab540.00
stupid kid btab520.00
stupid kid intro tab670.00
stupid kid tab480.00
stupid kid ver2 btab500.00
stupid kid ver2 tab530.00
stupid kid ver3 tab460.00
stupid kid ver4 tab540.00
stupid kid video lesson590.00
sundials tab570.00


take lots with alcohol btab510.00
take lots with alcohol tab510.00
take lots with alcohol ver2 btab540.00
take lots with alcohol ver2 tab670.00
the american scream btab610.00
the american scream crd500.00
the american scream tab510.00
the metro btab470.00
the metro tab470.00
the metro ver2 tab480.00
the metro ver3 tab490.00
the poison tab560.00
this addiction album tab540.00
this addiction btab450.00
this addiction crd590.00
this addiction tab600.00
this addiction ver2 tab460.00
this addiction ver3 tab570.00
this could be love crd450.00
this could be love tab540.00
this could be love ver2 crd520.00
this could be love ver2 tab480.00
this could be love ver3 tab530.00
this could be love ver4 tab600.00
this could be love ver5 tab490.00
this is getting over you intro tab570.00
this is getting over you intro ver2 tab510.00
this is getting over you tab510.00
time to waste acoustic crd630.00
time to waste acoustic tab490.00
time to waste acoustic ver2 tab540.00
time to waste btab470.00
time to waste crd530.00
time to waste tab520.00
time to waste ver2 btab560.00
time to waste ver2 tab480.00
time to waste ver3 btab560.00
time to waste ver3 tab530.00
time to waste ver4 btab490.00
time to waste ver4 tab700.00
trouble breathing tab480.00
trouble breathing ver2 tab420.00
trouble breathing ver3 tab550.00
trouble breathing ver4 tab530.00
trouble breathing ver5 tab510.00
trucks and trains btab440.00
trucks and trains tab440.00
trucks and trains ver2 tab590.00
trucks and trains ver3 tab460.00
tuck me in tab550.00
tuck me in ver2 tab500.00


wake up exhausted crd520.00
wake up exhausted tab490.00
warbrain acoustic crd450.00
warbrain btab660.00
warbrain crd560.00
warbrain tab580.00
warbrain ver2 tab550.00
warbrain ver3 tab570.00
warbrain ver4 tab570.00
wash away acoustic crd510.00
wash away btab490.00
wash away tab440.00
wash away ver2 tab430.00
wash away ver3 tab530.00
way too many times btab520.00
we can never break up btab620.00
we can never break up tab390.00
weak week tab570.00
weak week ver2 tab490.00
weak week ver3 tab480.00
weve had enough btab450.00
weve had enough crd570.00
weve had enough drum tab480.00
weve had enough tab560.00
weve had enough ver2 btab540.00
weve had enough ver2 tab720.00
weve had enough ver3 btab490.00
weve had enough ver3 tab510.00
weve had enough ver4 btab460.00
weve had enough ver4 tab530.00
weve had enough ver5 tab560.00
while youre waiting btab530.00
while youre waiting tab560.00


your neck crd470.00
your neck tab560.00
your neck ver2 tab550.00
youre dead btab440.00
youre dead tab710.00
youve got so far to go btab590.00
youve got so far to go tab520.00