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Alter Bridge is an American rock band from Orlando, Florida, formed in 2004. Since its formation, the band has consisted of lead vocalist and guitarist Myles Kennedy, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips. The band is known for its acclaimed live shows and extensive touring. Following Creed's disbandment in 2004, former members Tremonti, Marshall, and Phillips began working with Kennedy, formerly of The Mayfield Four. Named after a bridge that once existed on Alter Road near Tremonti's former home in Detroit, Michigan, Alter Bridge released its debut album, One Day Remains, the same year. Despite mixed reviews, One Day Remains went on to be certified Gold by the RIAA. Driven by the release of the single "Rise Today", the band released its second album, Blackbird, to more positive reviews in 2007, embarking on a successful world tour in support. The album marked the beginning of a longtime collaboration with producer...
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ahavo rabo taco salad tab420.00
all hope is gone btab480.00
all hope is gone crd450.00
all hope is gone tab450.00
all hope is gone ver2 tab420.00


before tomorrow comes btab530.00
before tomorrow comes crd460.00
before tomorrow comes tab350.00
before tomorrow comes ver2 crd400.00
blackbird btab460.00
blackbird crd390.00
blackbird solo tab500.00
blackbird solo ver2 tab450.00
blackbird tab530.00
blackbird ver2 tab470.00
brand new start btab470.00
brand new start crd520.00
brand new start live acoustic tab400.00
brand new start tab470.00
brand new start ver2 crd400.00
brand new start ver2 tab450.00
brand new start ver3 crd420.00
brand new start ver4 crd380.00
brand new start ver5 crd460.00
break me down btab470.00
break me down tab420.00
breathe again tab430.00
broken wings btab500.00
broken wings crd460.00
broken wings intro tab430.00
broken wings intro ver2 tab600.00
broken wings tab420.00
broken wings ver2 btab440.00
broken wings ver2 tab520.00
broken wings ver3 tab410.00
broken wings ver4 tab460.00
buried alive btab470.00
buried alive tab400.00
burn it down btab440.00
burn it down crd450.00
burn it down solo tab430.00
burn it down tab440.00
burn it down ver2 tab580.00
burn it down ver3 tab380.00
burn it down ver4 tab380.00
burn it down ver5 tab460.00


coeur dalene btab500.00
coeur dalene tab510.00
coeur dalene ver2 tab400.00
come to life btab420.00
come to life tab730.00
come to life ver2 tab490.00
come to life ver3 tab470.00
coming home btab500.00
coming home tab890.00
coming home ver2 btab470.00
coming home ver2 tab480.00


damage done btab380.00
down to my last acoustic crd410.00
down to my last btab470.00
down to my last crd430.00
down to my last tab540.00
down to my last ver2 tab620.00
down to my last ver3 tab500.00


end is here tab620.00
end is here ver2 tab480.00
end is here ver3 tab480.00


fallout btab460.00
fallout intro tab610.00
fallout solo tab490.00
fallout tab430.00
find the real btab590.00
find the real crd540.00
find the real intro tab650.00
find the real solo tab480.00
find the real tab480.00
find the real ver2 btab410.00
find the real ver2 tab490.00
find the real ver3 tab430.00
find the real ver4 tab520.00


ghost of days gone by btab500.00
ghost of days gone by tab460.00
ghost of days gone by ver2 tab380.00


home tab460.00
home ver2 tab440.00


i know it hurts btab390.00
i know it hurts tab510.00
in loving memory acoustic crd710.00
in loving memory acoustic intro tab400.00
in loving memory btab490.00
in loving memory crd390.00
in loving memory tab580.00
in loving memory ver2 crd490.00
in loving memory ver2 tab460.00
in loving memory ver3 crd500.00
isolation btab420.00
isolation solo tab460.00
isolation tab500.00
isolation ver2 tab450.00


life must go on crd550.00
life must go on intro tab480.00
life must go on tab560.00
life must go on ver2 tab440.00
life must go on ver3 tab460.00


make it right btab520.00
make it right intro tab430.00
make it right tab440.00
metalingus btab510.00
metalingus crd480.00
metalingus tab450.00
metalingus ver2 crd550.00
metalingus ver2 tab450.00
metalingus ver3 tab460.00


never born to follow btab490.00
never born to follow tab470.00
new way to live btab450.00
new way to live tab500.00


one by one tab360.00
one day remains album tab390.00
one day remains album ver2 tab400.00
one day remains btab520.00
one day remains intro tab430.00
one day remains tab490.00
one day remains ver2 tab400.00
one day remains ver3 tab340.00
open your eyes acoustic tab450.00
open your eyes btab550.00
open your eyes crd610.00
open your eyes live tab550.00
open your eyes solo tab500.00
open your eyes tab650.00
open your eyes ver2 btab480.00
open your eyes ver2 tab440.00
open your eyes ver3 tab460.00
open your eyes ver4 tab440.00
open your eyes ver5 tab490.00
open your eyes ver6 tab490.00


rise today btab610.00
rise today tab430.00
rise today ver2 tab480.00


save me btab410.00
save me tab650.00
shed my skin crd450.00
shed my skin tab650.00
shed my skin ver2 tab470.00
show me a sign tab450.00
show me a sign ver2 tab340.00
slip to the void btab490.00
slip to the void tab550.00
slip to the void ver2 tab460.00
still remains btab420.00
still remains tab490.00


the damage done tab450.00
this is the end intro tab470.00
ties that bind intro tab460.00
ties that bind solo tab420.00
ties that bind tab460.00
ties that bind ver2 tab330.00


watch over you acoustic tab450.00
watch over you btab390.00
watch over you crd350.00
watch over you tab430.00
watch over you ver2 crd440.00
watch over you ver2 tab500.00
watch over you ver3 crd540.00
watch over you ver3 tab430.00
watch over you ver4 crd390.00
watch your words tab520.00
watch your words ver2 tab420.00
watch your words ver3 tab450.00
wayward one btab410.00
wayward one intro tab440.00
wayward one tab680.00
we dont care at all tab380.00
white knuckles btab460.00
white knuckles tab450.00
wonderful life crd440.00
wonderful life intro tab440.00
wonderful life intro ver2 tab480.00
wonderful life intro ver3 tab400.00
wonderful life live tab490.00
wonderful life solo tab440.00
wonderful life tab810.00
wonderful life ver2 crd520.00
wonderful life ver2 tab430.00
wonderful life ver3 tab380.00
words darker than their wings tab420.00


zero btab630.00
zero tab540.00