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Aly & AJ: Sister Act is an MTV television special featuring behind the scenes look of the lives of musicians/actresses Aly Michalka and her younger sister by two years, AJ Michalka, better known as Aly & AJ. The special premiered on August 18, 2007, as part of a My Super Sweet 16 marathon named "Aly & AJ's Super Sweet Playlist" hosted by the sisters, in which the sisters commented on their favorite episodes of the series. It premiered with little advance publicity, but did have a segment of the Michalkas introducing the special, as well showcasing the MTV original television film Super Sweet 16: The Movie, which the Michalkas starred in. The special showcased what goes on in the lives of the two sisters, such as getting their drivers license, first car, and writing the songs from their third album, Insomniatic. The special was produced as a pilot for an intended series, but did not continue due to the Michalka's busy schedule at the time. References External links Aly...
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acoustic nights of winter album crd350.00
amphetamine crd420.00


belong here tab390.00
blush crd420.00
bullseye crd420.00
bullseye solo tab420.00
bullseye tab350.00


careful with words crd520.00
chemicals react btab390.00
chemicals react crd440.00
chemicals react tab340.00
chemicals react ver2 crd350.00
chemicals react ver2 tab550.00
chemicals react ver3 crd390.00
chemicals react ver3 tab420.00
chemicals react ver4 crd400.00
closure crd470.00
closure ver2 crd420.00
collapsed crd450.00
collapsed tab440.00
collapsed ver2 crd500.00
collapsed ver2 tab540.00
collapsed ver3 tab430.00


deck the halls tab500.00
division crd520.00
division tab400.00
division ver2 crd460.00
do you believe in magic crd440.00
do you believe in magic tab470.00
do you believe in magic ver2 crd460.00


first noel crd460.00
flattery crd440.00
flattery ver2 crd500.00


god rest ye merry gentlemen crd480.00
god rest ye merry gentlemen tab410.00
god rest ye merry gentlemen ver2 crd340.00
greatest time of year crd400.00
greatest time of year tab370.00
greatest time of year ver2 crd370.00
greatest time of year ver3 crd390.00
greatest time of year ver4 crd470.00
greatest time of year ver5 crd510.00


i am one of them crd430.00
i am one of them tab430.00
i want you to want me crd370.00
if i could have you back crd400.00
if i could have you back tab480.00
ill be home for christmas crd400.00
ill be home for christmas tab470.00
im here crd440.00
im here ver2 crd460.00
im one of them crd400.00
im walking on sunshine crd410.00
in a second crd480.00
in a second tab500.00
in a second ver2 crd480.00
in a second ver3 crd460.00
insomniatic album crd700.00
insomniatic crd440.00
insomniatic ver2 crd440.00
into the rush album crd410.00
into the rush crd430.00
its who you are crd440.00


jingle bell rock crd420.00
jingle bell rock tab510.00
joy to the world btab390.00
joy to the world tab380.00


let it snow crd390.00
like it or leave it crd470.00
like whoa crd410.00
like whoa intro crd450.00
like whoa ver2 crd340.00
like whoa ver3 crd450.00
little drummer boy tab510.00


never far behind crd370.00
never far behind tab550.00
never far behind ver2 crd360.00
no one crd380.00
no one tab1060.00
no one ver2 crd440.00
no one ver2 tab510.00
no one ver3 crd410.00
no one ver3 tab420.00
no one ver4 crd420.00
no one ver5 crd380.00
no one ver6 crd400.00
not this year tab370.00
not this year ver2 tab370.00
not this year ver3 tab460.00


on the ride crd490.00
on the ride tab440.00
on the ride ver2 crd500.00
on the ride ver2 tab540.00
on the ride ver3 crd430.00
on the ride ver4 crd450.00
out of the blue crd410.00
out of the blue ver2 crd510.00


potential break up song crd410.00
potential breakup song acoustic tab460.00
potential breakup song btab410.00
potential breakup song crd380.00
potential breakup song tab430.00
potential breakup song ver2 btab410.00
potential breakup song ver2 tab470.00
potential breakup song ver3 tab340.00
protecting me crd360.00
protecting me ver2 crd410.00


rocking around chirstmas tree tab410.00
rush crd470.00
rush tab580.00
rush ver2 crd340.00
rush ver2 tab400.00
rush ver3 crd390.00
rush ver4 crd420.00
rush ver5 crd430.00
rush ver6 crd430.00
rush ver7 crd420.00
rush ver8 crd500.00


shine crd490.00
shine tab580.00
silence crd710.00
silence ver2 crd490.00
silence ver3 crd350.00
silent night tab440.00
slow down crd500.00
slow down tab490.00
slow down ver2 crd390.00
someone to fall back on crd350.00
something more crd350.00
something more tab420.00
something more ver2 crd350.00
something more ver2 tab460.00
something more ver3 crd400.00
something more ver3 tab550.00
speak for myself crd370.00
speak for myself tab440.00
speak for myself ver2 crd430.00
speak for myself ver2 tab390.00
speak for myself ver3 crd340.00
sticks and stones crd330.00
sticks and stones tab400.00


tears crd510.00
the next worst thing crd460.00


walkin on sunshine tab410.00
walking on sunshine btab480.00
walking on sunshine crd400.00
walking on sunshine intro tab410.00
walking on sunshine ver2 btab480.00
we three kings tab520.00
we wish you a merry christmas crd410.00
winter wonderland crd460.00


zipadeedoodah crd360.00