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As Blood Runs Black is an American deathcore band from Los Angeles, California. They have released three albums. Their first album, Allegiance, was released on June 6, 2006. Their second album, Instinct, was released on March 15, 2011. Instinct reached number 1 on the Billboard Heatseakers Albums chart and number 111 on the Billboard 200 for the week of April 2, 2011. On June 30, 2013, As Blood Runs Black announced that they will be self-releasing their newest album, Ground Zero, with the help of crowdfunding via IndieGoGo; this was successful and the album was released on October 27, 2014. History Formation, lineup changes, and Allegiance (2003–2007) As Blood Runs Black was created in 2003 in Los Angeles from an existing band known as Broken Stems by co-vocalists Louie Ruvalcaba and Enrique "Ricky" Martin, bassist Richard Reyes, and guitarists Bijon Roybal and Kyle Hasenstaab. Brian "Animal" Matute, the drummer of Broken Stems, left and was replaced by Hector "Lech" De Santiago....
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air force one intro tab330.00


beautiful mistake btab330.00
beautiful mistake tab370.00
before the break of dawn intro tab310.00
before the break of dawn intro ver2 tab460.00
before the break of dawn intro ver3 tab320.00
before the break of dawn intro ver4 tab340.00
before the break of dawn tab400.00
before the break of dawn ver2 tab340.00
beneath the surface tab360.00
brighter side of suffering tab290.00
brighter side of suffering ver2 tab320.00


chug chug tab370.00
chug chug ver2 tab480.00


hester prynne drum tab280.00
hester prynne tab410.00
hester prynne ver2 tab420.00
hester prynne ver3 tab470.00
hester prynne ver4 tab330.00
hester prynne ver5 tab300.00
hester prynne ver6 tab280.00


in dying days btab390.00
in dying days crd340.00
in dying days intro tab290.00
in dying days tab320.00
in dying days ver2 btab300.00
in dying days ver2 tab300.00
in dying days ver3 btab370.00
in dying days ver3 tab290.00
in dying days ver4 btab350.00
instinct tab370.00
intro intro tab420.00
intro tab340.00
intro ver2 tab250.00


legends never die intro tab350.00
legends never die tab280.00


my fears are now phobias solo tab380.00
my fears have become phobias btab330.00
my fears have become phobias solo tab400.00
my fears have become phobias solo ver2 tab410.00
my fears have become phobias tab360.00
my fears have become phobias ver2 tab390.00
my fears have become phobias ver3 tab290.00
my fears have become phobias ver4 tab340.00
my fears have become phobias ver5 tab360.00


open your mind tab430.00


pouring reign btab490.00
pouring reign tab660.00
pouring reign ver2 btab360.00
pouring reign ver2 tab360.00
pouring reign ver3 tab330.00


resist solo tab370.00
resist tab440.00


strife chug chug btab340.00
strife chug chug tab310.00


these dying days tab370.00