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Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne has released 5 studio albums, 8 extended plays, 23 singles, and 23 music videos, and she has appeared on several movie soundtracks and charity albums. Lavigne's debut studio album, Let Go, was released in June 2002 and peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200 in the United States. It has sold over 16 million copies worldwide and is certified six-times platinum in the United States. The album's lead single, "Complicated", peaked at number one in Australia and at number two in the United States. Its subsequent single releases, "Sk8er Boi" and "I'm with You", became worldwide top ten hits. In May 2004, Lavigne released her second studio album, Under My Skin, which debuted at number one in Australia, Mexico, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and went on to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide. "My Happy Ending", the second and most successful single from the album, peaking at number nine on the US Billboard Hot 100...
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4 real btab520.00
4 real crd490.00
4 real ver2 crd540.00


adia crd570.00
adia solo tab560.00
adia ver2 crd510.00
adia ver3 crd510.00
adia ver4 crd440.00
alice underground btab520.00
alice underground crd400.00
alice underground ver2 btab610.00
alice underground ver2 crd460.00
alice underground ver3 crd530.00
all you will never know btab470.00
all you will never know crd530.00
all you will never know ver2 crd690.00
alone btab500.00
alone crd580.00
alone tab570.00
alone ver2 tab510.00
anything but ordinary btab480.00
anything but ordinary crd570.00
anything but ordinary tab520.00
anything but ordinary ver2 crd520.00
anything but ordinary ver2 tab500.00
anything but ordinary ver3 crd570.00
anything but ordinary ver4 crd730.00


bad reputation crd450.00
basket case crd520.00
best damn thing album btab490.00
best damn thing album crd490.00
best damn thing btab450.00
best damn thing crd540.00
best damn thing tab560.00
best dman thing tab450.00
black star btab510.00
black star crd700.00
black star intro tab570.00
black star tab490.00


complicated acoustic crd410.00
complicated acoustic tab410.00
complicated acoustic ver2 crd410.00
complicated btab540.00
complicated crd450.00
complicated live tab350.00
complicated tab590.00
complicated ver2 btab470.00
complicated ver2 crd540.00
complicated ver2 tab670.00
complicated ver3 btab470.00
complicated ver3 tab570.00
complicated ver4 crd540.00
complicated ver4 tab410.00
complicated ver5 crd390.00
complicated ver6 crd560.00
contagious btab650.00
contagious crd600.00
contagious tab450.00
contagious ver2 crd570.00
contagious ver2 tab490.00
contagious ver3 crd520.00


darlin btab420.00
darlin crd560.00
darlin tab550.00
darlin ver2 crd500.00
darlin ver3 crd440.00
daydream crd630.00
daydream ver2 crd500.00
daydream ver3 crd520.00
dont tell me acoustic crd420.00
dont tell me acoustic tab400.00
dont tell me acoustic ver2 crd550.00
dont tell me acoustic ver3 crd520.00
dont tell me crd400.00
dont tell me intro tab450.00
dont tell me tab410.00
dont tell me ver2 crd480.00
dont tell me ver2 tab450.00
dont tell me ver3 crd420.00


everybody hurts btab580.00
everybody hurts crd490.00
everybody hurts intro tab570.00
everybody hurts ver2 crd550.00
everybody hurts ver3 crd430.00
everybody hurts ver4 crd420.00
everybody hurts ver5 crd510.00
everybody hurts ver6 crd470.00
everybody hurts ver7 crd510.00
everything back but you btab470.00
everything back but you crd420.00
everything back but you tab480.00
everything back but you ver2 crd480.00
everything back but you ver2 tab450.00
everything back but you ver3 crd490.00
everything back but you ver3 tab460.00


fall to pieces crd670.00
fall to pieces tab450.00
fall to pieces ver2 crd530.00
fall to pieces ver3 crd450.00
fallen into history crd540.00
falling down btab480.00
falling down crd520.00
falling down tab460.00
falling down ver2 crd480.00
falling down ver3 crd460.00
falling into history fell out crd610.00
fat lip tab470.00
forgotten crd480.00
forgotten intro tab440.00
forgotten tab620.00
forgotten ver2 tab440.00
forgotten ver3 tab470.00
freak out btab460.00
freak out crd560.00
freak out intro tab470.00
freak out tab560.00
freak out ver2 crd540.00
freak out ver2 tab630.00
freak out ver3 tab550.00
freak out ver4 tab330.00
freak out ver5 tab540.00
freak out ver6 tab540.00
freak out ver7 tab470.00
fuel crd570.00


get over it crd410.00
get over it ver2 crd530.00
get over it ver3 crd450.00
get over it ver4 crd510.00
get over it ver5 crd400.00
girlfriend btab570.00
girlfriend crd490.00
girlfriend tab590.00
girlfriend ver2 btab480.00
girlfriend ver2 crd470.00
girlfriend ver2 tab550.00
girlfriend ver3 crd450.00
girlfriend ver3 tab530.00
girlfriend ver4 crd470.00
girlfriend ver4 tab430.00
girlfriend ver5 tab630.00
goodbye crd600.00
goodbye lullaby album crd500.00
goodbye lullaby album ver2 crd570.00
goodbye ver2 crd760.00


he wasnt acoustic crd420.00
he wasnt acoustic ver2 crd480.00
he wasnt btab540.00
he wasnt crd430.00
he wasnt live acoustic crd580.00
he wasnt live tab610.00
he wasnt tab510.00
he wasnt ver2 crd560.00
he wasnt ver2 tab760.00
he wasnt ver3 crd500.00
headset btab640.00
headset crd520.00
hot acoustic crd660.00
hot acoustic ver2 crd560.00
hot btab550.00
hot crd500.00
hot tab880.00
hot ver2 btab460.00
hot ver2 crd380.00
hot ver2 tab340.00
hot ver3 crd400.00
hot ver3 tab470.00
hot ver4 crd590.00
hot ver5 crd490.00
how does it feel crd550.00
how does it feel tab430.00
how does it feel ver2 crd520.00
how does it feel ver2 tab540.00
how does it feel ver3 crd570.00
how you remind me crd400.00


i always get what i want crd540.00
i always get what i want tab500.00
i always get what i want ver2 tab470.00
i can do better acoustic tab490.00
i can do better btab540.00
i can do better crd630.00
i can do better tab460.00
i can do better ver2 crd500.00
i can do better ver2 tab570.00
i can do better ver3 crd490.00
i can do better ver3 tab520.00
i dont give a damn crd450.00
i dont give crd410.00
i dont give live tab970.00
i dont give tab760.00
i dont give ver2 crd580.00
i dont give ver2 tab470.00
i dont have to try btab560.00
i dont have to try tab450.00
i dont have to try ver2 tab430.00
i dont have to try ver3 tab420.00
i dont have to try ver4 tab570.00
i love you btab500.00
i love you crd520.00
i love you ver2 crd460.00
i love you ver3 crd530.00
i will be btab500.00
i will be crd530.00
i will be ver2 crd480.00
im with you btab520.00
im with you crd650.00
im with you intro tab530.00
im with you live tab600.00
im with you tab510.00
im with you ver2 btab640.00
im with you ver2 crd550.00
im with you ver2 tab510.00
im with you ver3 crd480.00
im with you ver3 tab730.00
im with you ver4 crd500.00
im with you ver5 crd580.00
im with you ver6 crd530.00
im with you ver7 crd680.00
imagine crd620.00
imagine ver2 crd420.00
innocence acoustic crd560.00
innocence btab570.00
innocence crd640.00
innocence tab520.00
innocence ver2 crd450.00
innocence ver2 tab490.00
innocence ver3 crd580.00
inocence tab500.00


keep hoding on crd460.00
keep holding on btab650.00
keep holding on crd510.00
keep holding on tab540.00
keep holding on ver2 crd500.00
keep holding on ver2 tab450.00
keep holding on ver3 crd450.00
keep holding on ver3 tab430.00
keep holding on ver4 crd430.00
keep holding on ver5 crd430.00
keep holding on ver6 crd420.00
keep holding on ver7 crd420.00
kiss me crd450.00
kiss me ver2 crd510.00
knockin on heavens door btab580.00
knockin on heavens door crd560.00
knockin on heavens door ver2 crd570.00
knockin on heavens door ver3 crd500.00
knockin on heavens door ver4 crd420.00
knockin on heavens door ver5 crd500.00
knockin on heavens door ver6 crd440.00
knockin on heavens door ver7 crd440.00


lean on me crd400.00
let go album btab460.00
let go album crd580.00
let go album tab650.00
let go album ver2 crd460.00
let go crd510.00
losing grip btab410.00
losing grip crd590.00
losing grip drum tab500.00
losing grip tab400.00
losing grip ver2 btab440.00
losing grip ver2 crd400.00
losing grip ver2 tab700.00
losing grip ver3 crd750.00
love is a battlefield crd650.00
love revolution crd540.00


make up crd430.00
mobile acoustic crd520.00
mobile btab530.00
mobile crd530.00
mobile live tab410.00
mobile solo tab540.00
mobile ver2 btab480.00
mobile ver2 crd510.00
mobile ver3 crd590.00
mobile ver4 crd640.00
mobile ver5 crd470.00
move your little self on btab400.00
move your little self on crd550.00
my happy ending acoustic crd500.00
my happy ending acoustic ver2 crd530.00
my happy ending btab460.00
my happy ending crd570.00
my happy ending tab490.00
my happy ending ver2 btab460.00
my happy ending ver2 crd570.00
my happy ending ver2 tab580.00
my happy ending ver3 crd500.00
my happy ending ver3 tab470.00
my happy ending ver4 crd550.00
my happy ending ver4 tab690.00
my happy ending ver5 crd450.00
my happy ending ver5 tab550.00
my happy ending ver6 tab450.00
my world btab470.00
my world crd560.00
my world tab890.00
my world ver2 crd410.00
my world ver3 crd550.00


naked acoustic crd460.00
naked btab640.00
naked crd650.00
no one needs to know tab460.00
nobodys fool btab560.00
nobodys fool crd540.00
nobodys fool intro tab470.00
nobodys fool tab540.00
nobodys fool ver2 crd790.00
nobodys fool ver2 tab570.00
nobodys fool ver3 tab560.00
nobodys fool ver4 tab480.00
nobodys home acoustic crd440.00
nobodys home acoustic ver2 crd540.00
nobodys home btab470.00
nobodys home crd580.00
nobodys home tab520.00
nobodys home ver2 crd420.00
nobodys home ver2 tab610.00
nobodys home ver3 crd530.00
nobodys home ver3 tab650.00
nobodys home ver4 crd470.00
nobodys home ver4 tab510.00
nobodys home ver5 crd450.00
nobodys home ver5 tab720.00
nobodys home ver6 crd390.00
nobodys home ver7 crd430.00
nobodys home ver8 crd460.00
not enough btab800.00
not enough crd580.00
not enough tab480.00
not enough ver2 crd560.00
not enough ver2 tab550.00
not the only one btab550.00
not the only one crd450.00


o holy night crd620.00
once and for real crd470.00
one of those girls crd430.00
one of those girls tab420.00
one of those girls ver2 crd600.00
one of those girls ver3 crd440.00


pick me up crd470.00
push acoustic crd470.00
push btab410.00
push crd460.00
push ver2 crd400.00
push ver3 crd490.00
push ver4 crd520.00


remember when crd550.00
remember when solo tab580.00
remember when ver2 crd480.00
remember when ver3 crd480.00
runaway crd460.00
runaway tab570.00
runaway ver2 crd490.00
runaway ver2 tab510.00
runaway ver3 crd540.00
runaway ver3 tab430.00


scientist crd570.00
sk8er boi acoustic tab500.00
sk8er boi btab680.00
sk8er boi crd430.00
sk8er boi drum tab540.00
sk8er boi solo tab480.00
sk8er boi tab550.00
sk8er boi ver10 tab440.00
sk8er boi ver2 btab810.00
sk8er boi ver2 crd400.00
sk8er boi ver2 drum tab580.00
sk8er boi ver2 tab480.00
sk8er boi ver3 btab470.00
sk8er boi ver3 crd590.00
sk8er boi ver3 tab530.00
sk8er boi ver4 btab540.00
sk8er boi ver4 crd560.00
sk8er boi ver4 tab540.00
sk8er boi ver5 btab430.00
sk8er boi ver5 tab510.00
sk8er boi ver6 btab580.00
sk8er boi ver6 tab490.00
sk8er boi ver7 btab530.00
sk8er boi ver7 tab510.00
sk8er boi ver8 tab460.00
sk8er boi ver9 tab550.00
slipped away crd430.00
slipped away live tab510.00
slipped away tab480.00
slipped away ver2 crd440.00
slipped away ver2 tab450.00
slipped away ver3 crd420.00
slipped away ver4 crd500.00
smile acoustic crd540.00
smile acoustic ver2 crd450.00
smile btab510.00
smile crd500.00
smile tab480.00
smile ver2 crd510.00
smile ver2 tab560.00
smile ver3 crd590.00
smile ver4 crd560.00
smile ver5 crd500.00
something isnt right crd470.00
sponge bob square pants theme tab370.00
stay be the one crd550.00
stop standing there btab410.00
stop standing there crd420.00
stop standing there ver2 crd430.00


take it crd750.00
take it tab510.00
take it ver2 tab440.00
take me away acoustic tab400.00
take me away crd480.00
take me away intro tab600.00
take me away intro ver2 tab530.00
take me away live tab680.00
take me away tab500.00
take me away ver2 crd490.00
take me away ver2 tab490.00
take me away ver3 crd470.00
take me away ver3 tab480.00
take me away ver4 crd540.00
take me away ver5 crd400.00
take me away ver6 crd460.00
take me away ver7 crd470.00
take me away ver8 crd520.00
temple of life crd540.00
temple of life ver2 crd430.00
things i will never say btab430.00
things i will never say crd540.00
things i will never say tab490.00
things i will never say ver2 tab500.00
things ill never say btab490.00
things ill never say crd470.00
things ill never say tab490.00
things ill never say ver2 crd510.00
things ill never say ver2 tab580.00
things ill never say ver3 crd510.00
think about it crd600.00
together acoustic crd460.00
together btab490.00
together crd610.00
together tab380.00
together ver2 crd390.00
together ver2 tab490.00
together ver3 crd560.00
together ver4 crd520.00
together ver5 crd520.00
together ver6 crd610.00
together ver7 crd440.00
tomorrow acoustic crd520.00
tomorrow acoustic ver2 crd460.00
tomorrow btab660.00
tomorrow crd590.00
tomorrow live crd510.00
tomorrow tab400.00
tomorrow ver2 crd450.00
tomorrow ver2 tab590.00
tomorrow ver3 crd430.00
tomorrow ver4 crd510.00
tomorrow ver5 crd510.00
tomorrow ver6 crd630.00
tomorrow ver7 crd560.00
tomorrow you didnt crd520.00
too much to ask btab520.00
too much to ask crd550.00
too much to ask tab680.00
too much to ask ver2 crd530.00
too much to ask ver2 tab640.00
touch the sky tab480.00
two rivers crd660.00
two rivers ver2 crd420.00


under my skin album btab590.00
under my skin album crd470.00
unwanted btab510.00
unwanted crd500.00
unwanted tab550.00
unwanted ver2 crd550.00
unwanted ver2 tab430.00


waving flag crd510.00
what the hell btab450.00
what the hell crd470.00
what the hell tab420.00
what the hell ver2 btab520.00
what the hell ver2 crd490.00
what the hell ver2 tab440.00
what the hell ver3 btab510.00
what the hell ver3 crd450.00
what the hell ver3 tab390.00
what the hell ver4 crd580.00
what the hell ver5 crd430.00
when your gone tab400.00
when youre gone acoustic crd380.00
when youre gone acoustic ver2 crd420.00
when youre gone acoustic ver3 crd460.00
when youre gone acoustic ver4 crd390.00
when youre gone btab590.00
when youre gone crd510.00
when youre gone tab760.00
when youre gone ver2 crd580.00
when youre gone ver3 crd470.00
when youre gone ver4 crd480.00
when youre gone ver5 crd560.00
when youre gone ver6 crd580.00
when youre gone ver7 crd530.00
when youre gone ver8 crd590.00
who knows tab500.00
who knows ver2 tab550.00
who knows ver3 tab410.00
why crd540.00
why tab530.00
why ver2 crd510.00
why ver2 tab450.00
why ver3 crd490.00
why ver4 crd390.00
why ver5 crd510.00
why ver6 crd430.00
why ver7 crd530.00
wish you were here acoustic crd570.00
wish you were here acoustic ver2 crd480.00
wish you were here btab430.00
wish you were here crd350.00
wish you were here ver2 crd490.00
wish you were here ver3 crd480.00
wish you were here ver4 crd470.00
wish you were here ver5 crd500.00
wish you were here ver6 crd620.00
wish you were here ver7 crd560.00
wish you were here ver8 crd520.00
wont let you go crd650.00
wont let you go ver2 crd530.00
wont let you go ver3 crd430.00


you never satisfy me crd500.00
you were mine crd340.00