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Tummel is a Swedish/Danish klezmer band formed in 1997. Tummel plays music that combines traditional klezmer sounds with influences from jazz and the folk music of Sweden and the former Yugoslavia. Albums Tummel has released three albums: their debut Oy! (see image) appeared in 2001, Transit came out in 2004, and Payback Time in 2009. As the cover of Oy! shows, Tummel combines a range of jazz instruments including flute and tuba. Lineup The band's lineup has changed several times. It started out as Annika Jessen on clarinet and vocals, Jonathan Aisen drums and percussion, Pär Moberg on saxophone, Øvind Alexander Slaatto on helicon, Tobias Allvin on guitar and bouzouki, Andreas Rudenå, violin and guitar and Edin Bahtijaragić on accordion. Reception Chris Nickson, writing on CD Universe, praises Tummel's lively performance: "A Danish/Swedish band with no deep Jewish roots playing klezmer? Well, why not, especially when it's done as well as Tummel does on Klezmer." Robert M...
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