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Baby Woodrose is a rock band formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2001. They take their name from the Argyreia nervosa, a plant commonly known as Hawaiian baby woodrose, which can be used for hallucinogenic effects. History Early Years (2001-2002) Baby Woodrose was started in 2001 by Uffe Lorenzen, later known under the alias Lorenzo Woodrose. Initially Baby Woodrose was a personal side-project for Lorenzo Woodrose, who was still drummer and song writer in On Trial then. Lorenzo recorded Baby Woodrose's first album Blows Your Mind by himself on Pan Records (re-released by Bad Afro in 2003). Later on he decided to take the project to the next level and contacted 'The Moody Guru' (Riky Woodrose, bassist) and 'Fuzz Daddy' (Rocco Woodrose, drummer). Breakthrough (2003-2004) As a power trio they recorded several more albums, the first of which was Money for Soul, released on Bad Afro in 2003. The album catapulted Baby Woodrose into public recognition in Denmark, receiving considerable airplay,...
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