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Babyshambles are an English rock band established in London. The band was formed by Pete Doherty (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) during a hiatus from the Libertines. As of 2013 the band includes Mick Whitnall (lead guitar), Drew McConnell (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Adam Falkner (drums, percussion). Babyshambles have released three albums Down in Albion (2005), Shotter's Nation (2007) and Sequel to the Prequel (2013), three EPs and a number of singles. History Early history and touring (2003–2005) In mid-2003, Pete Doherty was banned from playing with the Libertines until he could overcome his substance abuse problems. As a response, Doherty formed an alternative band, and recruited former Libertine Steve Bedlow as vocalist. Initially, Doherty planned on calling his new band T'Libertines, because of the band's Yorkshire connection – the line up of the band at the time consisted mainly of Yorkshiremen. On the night babyshambles first gig was scheduled to take place, Doherty was...
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32nd of december crd440.00


8 dead boys crd400.00
8 dead boys tab500.00
8 dead boys ver2 tab370.00


a little death around the eyes crd400.00
a rebours crd460.00
a rebours ver2 crd370.00
a rebours ver3 crd 1166271id 11072012date350.00
albion btab370.00
albion crd400.00
albion tab350.00
albion ver2 crd460.00
albion ver3 crd 800338id 10032009date340.00
arebours intro btab340.00
at the flophouse tab420.00


babyshambles crd390.00
babyshambles tab410.00
back from the dead acoustic tab360.00
back from the dead btab410.00
back from the dead crd440.00
back from the dead tab330.00
back from the dead ver2 btab340.00
back from the dead ver2 crd500.00
back from the dead ver3 crd370.00
back from the dead ver4 crd 1049187id 26042011date350.00
baddies boogie btab370.00
baddies boogie crd370.00
baddies boogie intro tab360.00
baddies boogie tab560.00
baddies boogy crd440.00
ballad of grimaldi crd410.00
ballad of grimaldi tab470.00
ballad of grimaldi ver2 crd350.00
ballad of grimaldi ver2 tab430.00
beg steal or borrow acoustic tab390.00
beg steal or borrow btab400.00
beg steal or borrow crd360.00
beg steal or borrow intro tab440.00
beg steal or borrow tab420.00
beg steal or borrow ver2 crd390.00
beg steal or borrow ver2 tab450.00
black boy lane btab390.00
black boy lane tab380.00
black boy lane ver2 tab430.00
blinding btab360.00
blinding crd340.00
blinding tab420.00
blinding ver2 tab430.00
blinding ver3 tab480.00
bollywood to battersea crd410.00


carry on up the morning tab380.00
carry on up the morning ver2 tab330.00
carry on up the morning ver3 tab330.00
carry on up the morning ver4 tab330.00
carry up on the morning crd330.00
chim chim cheree crd440.00
conversation diva tab370.00
crumb begging baghead acoustic crd370.00
crumb begging baghead intro tab 936472id 02042010date330.00
crumb begging bahead intro tab380.00
cuckoo 1440 intro tab400.00
cuckoo 1440 tab430.00


deft left hand crd400.00
deft left hand tab500.00
deft left hand ver2 crd420.00
delivery acoustic crd 896274id 26112009date340.00
delivery btab490.00
delivery crd350.00
delivery tab430.00
delivery ver2 btab420.00
delivery ver2 crd380.00
delivery ver2 tab430.00
delivery ver3 tab 921815id 15022010date340.00
dirty fame crd410.00
do you know me crd410.00
down in albion album crd370.00
down in albion album tab350.00


east of eden crd350.00
east of eden tab340.00
east of eden ver2 tab410.00


flophouse crd400.00
free wheelin pete doherty album tab410.00
french dog blues crd360.00
french dog blues intro tab460.00
french dog blues ver2 crd360.00
french dog blues ver3 crd410.00
from bollywood to battersea crd400.00
from bollywood to battersea tab360.00
from bollywood to battersea ver2 tab390.00
fuck forever acoustic tab390.00
fuck forever btab370.00
fuck forever crd420.00
fuck forever tab470.00
fuck forever ver2 tab410.00
fuck forever ver3 tab410.00
fuck forever ver4 tab410.00
fuck forever ver5 tab 1083475id 15082011date330.00


gang of gin tab390.00


hired gun crd370.00
hq sessions second wave album tab370.00


i love you but youre green btab370.00
i love you but youre green crd470.00
i love you but youre green tab340.00
i wish btab420.00
i wish crd460.00
i wish tab480.00
in love with a feeling crd370.00
in love with a feeling tab390.00
in love with a feeling ver2 tab370.00


karma chameleon crd440.00
killamangiro btab 1129766id 10022012date340.00
killamangiro crd370.00
killamangiro tab400.00
killamangiro ver2 crd330.00
killamangiro ver2 tab480.00
killamangiro ver3 tab430.00


la belle et la bete tab420.00
lady dont fall backwards crd410.00
lost art of muder crd380.00
lost art of murder crd860.00
lost art of murder solo tab400.00
lost art of murder tab360.00
lost art of murder ver2 crd330.00
lost art of murder ver3 crd350.00
lost art of murdr intro tab 1098175id 06102011date440.00
lost in paradise tab460.00
love reign over me crd 1180536id 06092012date400.00
love you but youre green crd 785415id 31012009date330.00
love you but youre green intro tab370.00
loyalty dong btab450.00
loyalty song btab380.00
loyalty song crd380.00
loyalty song intro tab330.00
loyalty song tab370.00
lust of the libertines crd410.00


man who came to stay crd380.00
man who came to stay intro tab350.00
man who came to stay tab460.00
man who came to stay ver2 crd 895837id 26112009date330.00
maybelline crd 1174857id 13082012date330.00
maybelline intro tab380.00
merry go round crd380.00
monkey casino crd380.00


new love grows on trees crd410.00


only peons make excuses tab390.00


pipe down tab370.00
pipe down ver2 tab390.00
piracy why did you break my heart crd470.00


raise the kaboose tab460.00
revelations tab410.00


sedative crd430.00
sedative ver2 crd490.00
sedative ver3 crd500.00
sedative ver4 crd320.00
sheepskin tearaway tab310.00
shotters nation album crd340.00
shotters nation album tab 882728id 13102009date360.00
side of the road crd320.00
side of the road ver2 crd370.00
side of the road ver3 crd 875225id 23092009date430.00
sticks and stones crd360.00
sticks and stones tab390.00


their way crd440.00
there she goes btab390.00
there she goes crd330.00
there she goes intro tab 937321id 05042010date360.00
there she goes ver2 crd 1116014id 14122011date280.00


un bilo crd480.00
un bilo ver2 crd360.00
un stookie titled crd360.00
un stookie titled tab410.00
unbilo titled tab350.00
unbilotitled crd380.00
unbilotitled ver2 crd390.00
unbilotitled ver3 crd 1168336id 16072012date340.00
unstokkie tab400.00
unstookie titled btab410.00
unstookie titled tab380.00
unstookie titled ver2 tab360.00
up the morning crd460.00


what katie did next crd420.00
what katy did next tab340.00
whole world is our playground crd410.00
whos got the crack crd310.00
wolfman tab410.00


you dont know me crd 933602id 24032010date320.00
you talk btab 1059255id 27052011date390.00
you talk crd410.00
you talk ver2 crd370.00