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Back Door Slam is the name of the blues rock band started by Davy Knowles on the Isle of Man in 2003–04. The band got its name from a Robert Cray song of the same name. Originally a four-piece, with Castle Rushen High School friends Jamie Armstrong (bass guitar), Ross Doyle (drums) and Brian Garvey (rhythm guitar), the band was torn apart in 2004 when Brian was killed in a car accident along with their close friend Richie Brookes. Deciding to carry on in Brian's memory, Davy, Jamie and Ross reformed the band, with Davy writing the emotional tribute to his friend & former bandmate, 'Stay', which was later to appear on a rare EP and on their debut album Roll Away. The trio recorded two EPs togethers, and played hundreds of gigs on their native Isle of Man before moving to London to live with Davy's manager, Bob Miller (Corinne Bailey Rae, Christine Collister). After a handful of gigs in the UK, Jamie decided to pursue a career in music production and left the band to go to...
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