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Backyard Babies are a rock band from Nässjö, Sweden. The band was formed in 1987 and over the years they have released six studio albums and won a Swedish Grammy. The band is now located in Stockholm, Sweden. They are largely attributed with popularizing sleaze rock in Scandinavia and Sweden. Their single "Minus Celsius" appears as a playable bonus track in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and "Degenerated" is available as a downloadable song for Guitar Hero World Tour. History Formed in 1987, Backyard Babies originally consisted of singer/bassist Tobbe (Tobias Fischer), guitarist Dregen, guitarist Johan Blomqvist, and drummer Peder Carlsson. They were then called Tyrant and played several live shows in their local area and recorded a rough demo. Tobbe was soon replaced by frontman Nicke Borg on vocals and guitar, and Blomqvist switched to bass. Fischer went on to be a professional photographer and web designer in Stockholm, continuing to work occasionally with his old band mates...
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a song for the outcast btab 932432id 22032010date512.40
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babylon btab603.00
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backstabber tab712.40
be myself and i crd523.20
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cant find the door tab573.80
come undone tab603.60


dysfunctional professional tab552.50


ex files tab692.90
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friends crd 1033702id 09032011date533.00
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ghetto you tab 1004560id 16112010date512.80


heaven 29 crd 793227id 20022009date442.10
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highlights tab563.00
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i love to roll tab672.70


lonely x mas crd572.50
look at you crd 1004563id 16112010date544.00
look at you tab492.10
love tab563.20


made me madman tab723.00
made me madman ver2 tab 866674id 31082009date533.60
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minus celsius btab633.70
minus celsius tab523.10
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nomadic btab 1191565id 29102012date553.20
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one sound tab602.20


painkiller tab552.30
payback btab622.00
payback tab513.80
pet sematary btab573.10
pet semetary tab583.20


roads crd572.20
roads solo tab653.30
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saved by the bell crd633.60
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where were you crd553.90


year by year intro tab 929541id 12032010date554.00
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