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Bad City was a five-piece rock band from Chicago, Illinois. They were signed to Atlantic Records. The band released their debut album Welcome to the Wasteland, produced by Grammy Award nominated producer Johnny K, on August 24, 2010. History While technically formed in early 2010, the evolution of the group began in 2008 when Chicago-based band Powerspace, including members Kevin Kane and Tom Schleiter, recruited Chicago natives Max Perenchio and Jake Serek as touring musicians. Just before the breakup of Powerspace, Perenchio and Schleiter began writing songs together for a new project. Temecula, California vocalist Josh Caddy soon finalized the lineup which became Bad City. The band takes its name from its experiences writing and recording the album in an unfavorable neighborhood in the west side of Chicago. Explained in an interview, "We were chased by gangs, constantly harassed by the dead-looking street people, even the kids out there are nasty. Don’t get me wrong, I love the...
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