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Bad Religion (also referred to as The Bad Religion EP) is the first official recording by the Los Angeles punk rock band Bad Religion. It was released in February 1981 by guitarist Brett Gurewitz's record label Epitaph Records, with the catalog number EPI 001. Recording The recording sessions for the EP took place in October 1980 at a demo studio called Studio 9, located above an office and drugstore in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard and Western Avenue. The EP was mastered by Stan Ross at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood. At the time of the EP's release, vocalist Greg Graffin and bassist Jay Bentley were both 16 years old, while Gurewitz and drummer Jay Ziskrout were both 18. Reissues The Bad Religion EP has been reissued a number of times, mostly on vinyl. It was initially released on 7-inch vinyl, and soon afterward reissued as a 12-inch. In West Germany, a 7" bootleg limited edition of the EP was released in 1989, packaged with then-current album No Control. The EP was also pressed...
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1000 memories tab733.60
1000 more fools crd703.30
1000 more fools tab733.10
10 in 2010 btab833.80
10 in 2010 crd692.00
10 in 2010 tab862.20
10 in 2010 ver2 tab802.00


21st century digital boy btab 863011id 21082009date702.30
21st century digital boy crd792.40
21st century digital boy drum tab 863252id 21082009date683.60
21st century digital boy solo tab723.30
21st century digital boy tab 863012id 21082009date713.50
21st century digital boy ver2 btab723.30
21st century digital boy ver2 crd752.90
21st century digital boy ver2 tab 871783id 11092009date882.90
21st century digital boy ver3 tab742.40
21st century digital boy ver4 tab732.40


52 seconds btab772.90
52 seconds tab863.30


a streetkid named desire tab723.90
a streetkid named desire ver2 tab742.00
a walk btab813.40
a walk crd782.20
a walk tab713.70
a walk ver2 tab833.40
a world without melody tab682.90
ad hominem tab 993229id 06102010date672.50
adams atoms crd802.50
against the grain tab773.80
all along tab783.10
all good soldiers tab1073.20
all there is crd823.30
all there is tab673.20
along the way btab693.10
along the way crd832.90
along the way drum tab 869193id 07092009date663.90
along the way solo tab803.10
along the way tab783.10
along the way ver2 btab682.90
along the way ver2 tab783.90
along the way ver3 tab774.00
american jesus acoustic crd862.90
american jesus btab773.10
american jesus crd702.30
american jesus drum tab 865698id 26082009date722.80
american jesus tab693.70
american jesus ver2 btab752.90
american jesus ver2 tab623.60
american jesus ver3 btab 864290id 24082009date763.00
american jesus ver3 tab762.60
american jesus ver4 tab753.60
american jesus ver5 tab832.80
american jesus ver6 tab713.70
american jesus ver7 tab804.00
american jesus ver8 tab702.60
anesthesia btab 853452id 27072009date812.90
anesthesia crd902.50
anesthesia tab683.10
anesthesia ver2 tab643.20
anxiety tab742.50
at the mercy of imbeciles tab732.80
atheist peace tab714.00
athiest peace tab843.00
atomic garden btab 1188985id 16102012date683.90
atomic garden crd892.10
atomic garden drum tab 869158id 07092009date664.00
atomic garden tab 868147id 02092009date613.00
automatic man tab 810255id 08042009date652.30
avalon crd 1039301id 22032011date712.70


bad religion btab913.30
bad religion tab852.00
bad religion ver2 btab722.00
before you die btab994.00
before you die crd 1016165id 05012011date702.30
before you die tab792.60
belive it btab793.30
best for you btab743.00
best for you crd743.20
best for you tab982.80
best for you ver2 tab792.10
better off dead btab923.60
better off dead crd862.60
better off dead tab873.00
better off dead ver2 crd 987039id 13092010date753.30
beyond electric dreams btab743.30
beyond electric dreams intro tab783.10
beyond electric dreams tab872.80
beyond electric dreams ver2 tab844.00
big bang btab732.20
big bang crd844.00
big bang tab783.20
billy crd802.20
billy tab732.50
billy ver2 crd 799541id 09032009date662.20
blenderhead tab1102.50
boot stamping on a human face forever btab672.10
boot stamping on a human face forever crd742.50
boot stamping on a human face forever tab732.80
boot stomping on a human face forever tab793.90
bored and extremely dangerous acoustic crd 849020id 16072009date693.30
bored and extremely dangerous crd 863981id 25082009date622.60
bored and extremely dangerous tab 1169862id 23072012date632.40
bored and extremly dangerous tab903.50
broken btab792.10
broken crd 1009035id 06122010date782.70
broken tab712.50
broken ver2 tab693.40


cant stop it btab652.10
cant stop it tab742.20
cease acoustic crd 879103id 05102009date663.10
cease crd822.80
cease tab763.00
cease ver2 crd 793626id 21022009date552.10
change of ideas crd703.00
change of ideas tab873.90
change of ideas ver2 crd683.10
chasing the wild goose crd 1190729id 25102012date592.50
chasing the wild goose tab743.90
chronophobia crd754.00
come join us btab633.80
come join us crd712.10
come join us solo tab762.60
come join us tab703.00
cyanide crd 998013id 25102010date593.40


damned to be free btab703.20
damned to be free crd742.10
damned to be free tab753.90
dearly beloved acoustic crd 939677id 12042010date713.50
dearly beloved acoustic ver2 crd 1152171id 07052012date742.90
dearly beloved btab694.00
dearly beloved crd 786660id 03022009date592.60
dearly beloved tab803.10
dearly beloved ver2 tab 788143id 06022009date552.50
dearly beloved ver3 tab 1172088id 31072012date663.20
delirium of disorder crd703.00
do what you want btab803.20
do what you want crd693.20
do what you want tab662.60
do what you want ver2 tab652.50
do what you want ver3 tab 1192931id 05112012date733.60
doing time btab842.50
doing time crd833.80
dont pray on me crd822.70
dont pray on me tab812.30
dont sell me short crd763.60
dont sell me short tab732.30
dont sell me short ver2 crd 939671id 12042010date733.30
dont sell me short ver3 crd 1190989id 26102012date733.40
drastic actions tab 1042333id 31032011date662.40
drastic changes crd752.20
dream of unity crd 1152796id 09052012date693.50
dream of unity tab772.50
dream of unity ver2 crd 1199633id 10122012date643.20
drunk sincerity btab752.90
drunk sincerity crd773.20
drunk sincerity solo tab723.40
drunk sincerity tab732.10


eat your dog btab692.10
eat your dog crd722.30
empire strikes first btab792.50
empire strikes first tab772.80
empire strikes first ver2 tab832.00
empire strikes first ver3 tab1232.20
empty causes crd864.00
entropy tab 923068id 18022010date744.00
epiphany btab892.10
epiphany tab763.60
epiphany ver2 tab762.00
evangeline tab703.90
evangeline ver2 tab732.50
evangerline solo tab883.50


faith alone btab 991890id 30092010date752.90
faith alone crd933.10
faith in god tab782.40
fall to the ground tab823.60
fertile crescent btab703.20
fertile crescent tab703.70
fields of mars btab772.50
fields of mars tab902.60
flat earth society crd782.60
flat earth society ver2 crd 958282id 14062010date742.60
forbidden beat crd773.90
frogger btab843.50
frogger tab 804951id 23032009date733.10
fuck armageddon tab743.00
fuck armageddon this is hell btab692.50
fuck armageddon this is hell intro tab1013.50
fuck armageddon this is hell tab734.00
fuck armageddon this is hell ver2 tab832.40
fuck armageddonthis is hell tab744.00


generator btab843.30
generator crd902.30
generator tab892.40
generator ver2 tab802.90
generator ver3 tab733.30
germs of perfection btab753.50
germs of perfection tab672.30
get off tab 901592id 14122009date692.20
give you nothing btab833.40
give you nothing tab713.20
god song acoustic crd 898159id 03122009date752.80
god song tab812.70
gods love btab903.00
gods love crd812.90
gods love tab793.10
grains of wrath btab733.40
grains of wrath crd832.00
grains of wrath tab733.30
grand delusion btab822.60
grand delusion tab773.50


hear it tab813.70
heaven is falling crd744.00
heaven is falling solo tab882.30
henchman crd983.90
henchman tab 1194170id 12112012date703.50
heroes and martyrs btab912.00
heroes and martyrs tab762.70
honest goodbye btab772.70
honest goodbye crd703.50
honest goodbye tab763.20
honest goodbye ver2 crd732.50
honest goodbye ver2 tab712.90
honest goodbye ver3 tab672.40
hooray for me crd1173.10
how much is enough btab 1148657id 23042012date712.30
how much is enough crd963.10


i love my computer btab823.60
i love my computer tab854.00
i love my computer ver2 tab763.30
i wanna conquer the world btab1003.70
i want something more tab 1169184id 19072012date682.80
i want to conquer the world btab803.10
i want to conquer the world tab842.50
i want to conquer the world ver2 tab783.40
i wont say anything crd 994924id 11102010date683.50
in so many ways btab 861313id 17082009date772.50
in so many ways tab 861032id 17082009date753.20
in the night btab732.60
in the night tab743.60
in the night ver2 btab772.70
incomplete crd802.30
incomplete tab783.90
incomplete ver2 tab 928984id 08032010date782.90
individual btab883.90
individuals btab703.60
induvidual crd742.90
infected btab893.30
infected drum tab 863253id 21082009date802.00
infected intro tab973.90
infected tab743.80
infected ver2 btab774.00
infected ver2 tab 865302id 25082009date703.30
infected ver3 tab883.70
infected ver4 tab732.70
inner logic btab773.70
inner logic crd863.00
inner logic tab703.30
inner logic ver2 crd 1125317id 24012012date832.00
it must look pretty appealing drum tab 864968id 24082009date672.60
its a long way to the promised land crd872.40
its a long way to the promised land tab743.50
its a long way to the promised land ver2 crd782.70


kerosene tab853.40
kyoto now btab912.50
kyoto now tab772.10
kyoto now ver2 tab722.50
kyoto now ver3 tab692.50
kyoto now ver4 tab853.20


land of competion tab743.80
land of competition btab833.30
land of competition crd883.40
land of competition tab693.60
latch key kids btab743.20
latch key kids crd683.00
latch key kids tab733.50
latch key kids ver2 tab782.00
leaders and followers tab822.70
leave mine to me btab653.70
leave mine to me tab673.50
leave mine to me ver2 btab853.30
leave mine to me ver2 tab712.50
let it burn tab843.70
let them eat war btab793.60
let them eat war tab883.10
let them eat war ver2 btab892.80
let them eat war ver2 tab 1191295id 29102012date622.80
live again the fall of man acoustic crd 972234id 30072010date742.70
live again the fall of man btab812.90
live again the fall of man crd693.90
live again the fall of man tab 1169706id 23072012date773.70
lookin in btab733.30
lookin in tab712.20
los angeles is burning btab782.50
los angeles is burning crd862.00
los angeles is burning drum tab 869325id 07092009date752.20
los angeles is burning tab763.70
los angeles is burning ver2 tab783.10
los angeles is burning ver3 tab833.70
lost pilgrim btab852.10
lost pilgrim crd732.00
lost pilgrim tab1013.10
lost pilgrim ver2 btab833.10


man with a mission drum tab 864833id 24082009date603.20
marked crd 1023517id 28012011date693.70
markovian process crd754.00
materialist tab902.40
materialist ver2 tab763.10
mediocre minds tab793.20
million days crd 1031879id 25022011date712.60
modern day catastrophists crd703.60
modern man btab882.60
modern man solo tab783.60
modern man tab742.50
modern man ver2 tab802.40
murder btab833.90
murder tab843.70
my defence tab893.30
my poor friend me crd 1013263id 20122010date632.80
my poor friend me tab822.90


new america btab863.60
new america crd703.80
new america tab832.00
new america ver2 tab762.70
new dark ages acoustic crd 1152668id 08052012date642.40
new dark ages acoustic tab 812825id 14042009date752.60
new dark ages btab1632.10
new dark ages crd 1024710id 28012011date683.20
new dark ages tab802.90
new dark ages ver2 tab762.90
new leaf btab752.50
new leaf tab 954734id 03062010date803.80
news from the front crd773.80
no control btab793.00
no control crd723.70
no control tab773.00
no direction crd762.70
no direction tab723.30
no substance tab893.60
no substance ver2 tab902.10
nobody listens crd873.20


oligarchy tab704.00
only entertainment btab804.00
only gonna die crd793.10
only rain crd 1000045id 01112010date822.90
only rain tab 1022803id 28012011date732.10
operation rescue tab802.80
out of hand crd813.60
overture tab793.00
overture ver2 tab823.20


parallel tab842.50
part ii the numbers game crd 811587id 10042009date824.00
part ii the numbers game tab732.90
part ii the numbers game ver2 tab 794438id 24022009date692.10
part iii btab833.10
part iii tab 882996id 14102009date702.40
part iii ver2 btab753.00
part iv the index fossil tab693.80
part lll crd803.50
pessimistic lines drum tab 880916id 07102009date743.80
pessimistic lines tab752.80
pity tab983.80
pity the dead btab873.80
pity the dead crd842.20
pity the dead solo tab812.00
pity the dead tab823.50
positive aspect crd803.50
pretenders tab743.90
pride and the pallor crd 993914id 07102010date692.60
pride and the pallor intro tab 992163id 01102010date642.80
pride and the pallor tab 995377id 13102010date792.30
pride and the pallor ver2 tab 1019220id 18012011date602.00
prodigal son btab793.60
prodigal son tab772.20
progress crd762.60
prove it crd743.40
prove it tab843.90
prove it ver2 tab703.00
punk rock song btab742.50
punk rock song crd872.40
punk rock song tab772.60
punk rock song ver2 btab 1037422id 17032011date843.20
punk rock song ver2 crd723.50
punk rock song ver2 tab802.40


quality or quantity crd723.10
quality or quantity tab693.80
queen of the 21st century crd 909414id 06012010date762.40
quickening tab792.70


raise your voice tab743.60
raise your voice ver2 tab723.00
recipe for hate tab742.90
recipe for hate ver2 tab723.60
recipe for hate ver3 tab783.50
requiem for dissent btab822.40
requiem for dissent tab793.90
requiem for dissent ver2 tab692.50
resist stance crd 951122id 21052010date832.90
resist stance intro tab 935427id 29032010date862.50
resist stance intro ver2 tab 984312id 06092010date772.70
resist stance tab 985643id 08092010date722.40


sanity btab882.20
sanity drum tab 869009id 07092009date733.20
sanity tab652.00
scrutiny btab792.70
scrutiny crd792.80
scrutiny tab763.90
shades of truth btab744.00
shades of truth tab732.50
shattered faith tab932.00
shattered faith ver2 tab773.50
silent nightlive tab834.00
sinister rouge btab812.40
sinister rouge tab783.70
sinister rouge ver2 tab883.10
sinister rouge ver3 tab784.00
skyscraper acoustic crd 1182754id 18092012date762.20
skyscraper btab 929757id 12032010date803.70
skyscraper crd822.90
skyscraper tab883.20
skyscraper ver2 tab813.30
skyscraper ver3 tab783.30
slaves btab943.90
slumber btab672.60
slumber crd802.70
slumber tab763.40
slumber ver2 btab742.60
social suicide btab712.10
social suicide crd712.00
social suicide intro tab822.00
social suicide tab782.20
social suicide ver2 btab762.70
social suicide ver2 tab762.20
someone to believe tab 991756id 29092010date713.90
sorrow acoustic crd832.00
sorrow acoustic tab 863384id 25082009date792.80
sorrow acoustic ver2 crd853.10
sorrow acoustic ver3 crd 860214id 14082009date892.50
sorrow btab743.40
sorrow crd783.30
sorrow tab803.90
sorrow ver2 btab722.30
sorrow ver2 crd874.00
sorrow ver2 tab763.60
sorrow ver3 crd762.20
sorrow ver3 tab753.30
sorrow ver4 crd783.70
sorrow ver4 tab753.00
sorrow ver5 tab772.30
sorrrow acoustic solo tab763.10
sowing the seeds of utopia tab834.00
spirit shine tab903.80
strange denial tab772.10
strange denial ver2 tab772.00
stranger than fiction btab853.40
stranger than fiction tab813.70
stranger than fiction ver2 btab 862353id 19082009date692.00
stranger than fiction ver2 tab793.70
stranger than fiction ver3 tab 862354id 19082009date692.30
street kid named desire btab752.10
struck a nerve drum tab 865039id 24082009date672.90
struck a nerve tab733.20
submission complete btab753.30
submission complete tab892.40
suffer btab753.10
suffer crd694.00
supersonic tab723.60
supersonic ver2 tab972.10
supersonic ver3 tab674.00
supersonic ver4 tab813.20


tainted love tab993.60
tested tab822.60
the answer btab852.70
the answer crd793.70
the biggest killer in american history tab743.60
the day the earth stalled crd 994229id 11102010date723.80
the defence tab703.20
the defense crd712.90
the defense tab763.20
the devil in stitches crd 1188012id 12102012date722.10
the devil in stitches intro tab 992164id 01102010date1142.90
the gray race tab773.30
the grey race tab883.80
the handshake tab792.00
the handshake ver2 tab743.70
the hippy killers tab753.10
the hopeless housewife tab742.00
the hopeless housewife ver2 tab782.80
the same person tab934.00
the same person ver2 tab743.80
the state of the end of the millenium address tab1102.30
the streets of america crd893.90
the voracious march of godliness tab762.40
the voracious march of godliness ver2 tab652.00
them and us drum tab 865245id 25082009date672.10
them and us tab813.90
them and us ver2 tab722.20
them and us ver3 tab773.40
there will be a way tab862.60
there will be a way ver2 tab843.80
tiny voices tab942.70
to another abyss crd893.50
to another abyss solo tab842.40
too much to ask btab793.40
turn on the light crd792.90
turn your back on me tab 998322id 25102010date723.90
two babies in the dark tab732.70


unacceptable tab832.70
unacceptable ver2 tab692.50


victims of the revolution tab802.80
victory tab833.00
voice of god is government btab743.60
voice of god is government tab713.90


waiting for the fire crd 852663id 27072009date703.30
walk away br tab772.40
watch it die btab952.80
watch it die crd753.90
watch it die tab783.80
were only gonna die btab782.70
were only gonna die from our own arrogance btab842.70
were only gonna die from our own arrogance crd782.40
were only gonna die from our own arrogance drum tab 864460id 25082009date812.70
were only gonna die from our own arrogance tab672.30
were only gonna die from our own arrogance ver2 tab702.30
what can you do btab 794254id 24022009date722.20
what can you do crd623.50
what can you do tab 794242id 24022009date783.80
what can you do ver2 crd822.40
what it is tab652.00
when tab 939328id 12042010date662.10
where the fun is tab 1048142id 18042011date622.80
whisper in time tab793.60
white trash btab833.30
white trash intro tab893.10
who we are crd742.60
wont somebody crd863.50
world war iii btab792.40
wrong way kids crd 997596id 21102010date722.10


yesterday btab923.70
yesterday tab913.70
yesterday ver2 btab823.60
yesterday ver2 tab763.20
you are btab872.10
you are the government crd723.00
you are the government tab923.40
you are you are the government btab792.60
you btab892.00
you crd792.90
you dont belong crd 1035730id 09032011date773.70
you tab853.20
you ver2 btab883.90
you ver2 tab743.20
you ver3 btab922.80
you ver3 tab743.10
youve got a chance solo tab763.90
youve got a chance tab792.50