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Baden Powell is a surname (Baden rhymes with maiden; Powell with Noel). Notable people with the surname include: Baden-Powell family, known for the Scout movement Baden Powell (mathematician) (1796–1860), mathematician, clergyman and liberal theologian. By his third marriage father of the following:- Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell (1857–1941), hero of the Siege of Mafeking and founder of the Scout movement, often referred to as "BP". Warington Baden-Powell (1847–1921), barrister and first head of the Sea Scouts George Baden-Powell (1847–1898), politician, who also served in the Colonial Service Frank Baden-Powell (1850–1933), barrister and artist Agnes Baden-Powell (1858–1945), noted for her work in establishing the Girl Guides movement Baden Baden-Powell (1860–1937), military aviation pioneer Olave Baden-Powell (1889–1977), Daughter in law and B-P's wife, World Chief Guide Arthur Robert Peter Baden-Powell, 2nd Baron Baden-Powell (1913–1962) Robert Crause...
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