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Damon Michael Gough (born 2 October 1969, in Dunstable, Bedfordshire), known by the stage name Badly Drawn Boy, is an English indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Gough chose his stage name from the title character in the show Sam and his Magic Ball, which he saw on TV at a party in Trafford, Manchester, in 1995. Before he thought of using this name he made some business cards, each one unique, with a printed picture of a drawing by his nephew and a small collage by Gough. A chance meeting with Andy Votel at the Generation X bar in Manchester, where Gough's friends Scott Abraham and Damon Hayhurst were contributing to an exhibition by the Space Monkey Clothing Company and Votel was DJing, led to the foundation of Twisted Nerve Records. In 2002, Q magazine named Badly Drawn Boy in their list of the "50 Bands to See Before You Die", although this was as part of a sub-list of "5 Bands That Could Go Either Way" on account of Gough's tendency to talk and tell stories for...
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40 days and 40 fights crd270.00
40 days and 40 fights intro tab270.00


a journey from a to b crd310.00
a journey from a to b ver2 crd 1161370id 15062012date270.00
about a boy crd350.00
about a boy ver2 crd390.00


blistered heart tab 1062757id 03062011date270.00
born again crd320.00


cause a rockslide crd 1128165id 03022012date280.00
centrepeace tab270.00


disillusion crd 861151id 17082009date240.00
disillusion tab410.00
donna and blitzen crd360.00
donna and blitzen tab330.00


epitaph crd310.00
epitaph ver2 crd340.00
epitath crd350.00
epitath ver2 crd390.00
everybodys stalking crd320.00
everybodys stalking tab340.00
everybodys stalking ver2 crd 1107490id 10112011date280.00


fall in a river crd 993767id 07102010date270.00
four leaf clover crd340.00


have you fed the fish today crd270.00
holy grail crd350.00
how intro tab 939379id 12042010date250.00


i love nye crd300.00
i love nye tab330.00
i love you all tab 961532id 24062010date280.00
in safe hands tab 1032474id 25022011date270.00


just look at us now crd 918916id 05022010date260.00


minor incident crd260.00
minor incident tab310.00


nothings gonna change your mind crd330.00


once around the block btab400.00
once around the block crd310.00
once around the block tab290.00
one plus one is one crd310.00


pissing in the wind crd310.00
pissing in the wind tab290.00
promises crd 955133id 03062010date280.00
promises ver2 crd 1011475id 13122010date250.00


river sea ocean btab290.00
river sea ocean tab300.00
road movie tab330.00


shining btab340.00
shining crd310.00
shining tab320.00
shining ver2 crd340.00
silent sigh acoustic tab 944169id 26042010date260.00
silent sigh btab340.00
silent sigh crd350.00
silent sigh intro tab 996945id 19102010date240.00
something to talk about tab280.00
stone on the water crd310.00
stone on the water tab310.00
summertime in wintertime crd310.00


the shining tab300.00
the shining ver2 tab290.00
the way things used to be crd 949780id 17052010date250.00
this is that new song crd280.00
this song crd310.00
tickets to what you need crd240.00
time of times crd300.00


using our feet btab340.00


walking out of stride crd360.00


year of the rat acoustic crd350.00
year of the rat crd 827803id 23052009date300.00
you were right crd370.00
you were right ver2 crd290.00
you were right ver3 crd310.00