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The Bezen Perrot (formerly Bezen Kadoudal) was a Breton collaborationist force during the Nazi occupation of France that grew from the earlier Lu Brezhon militia. It was led by Célestin Lainé and Alan Heusaff. As many as 70 to 80 people joined the ranks of the Bezen Perrot, also known as the "Perrot Unit", at one point or another. They fought, in German uniforms and under German command, as the Bretonische Waffenverband der SS. Before the war Lainé had created the organization Gwenn ha du, a Breton nationalist "direct action" unit modelled on the IRA. The activists in this unit were defined as members of a group called the Service Spécial. This unit formed the basis of an elite militant group affiliated to the nationalist militia Bagadou Stourm. In the later stages of World War II, in the face of the assassination of several leading figures in the Breton cultural movement, Lainé decided to separate from Bagadoù Stourm and integrate with the SS. One of those assassinated was the...
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