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Baha Men are a Bahamian band playing a modernized style of Bahamian music called junkanoo. They are best known for their 2000 hit single "Who Let the Dogs Out?". History The Baha Men formed in 1980 as High Voltage, initially playing disco and funk. They performed regularly in nightclubs and hotels in the Bahamas, and self-released several albums. In 1991 one of their tapes found its way to Atlantic Records A&R man Steve Greenberg, who signed the band to the Big Beat subsidiary, at the same time getting the band to change their name to the Baha Men. They released their first album under that name, Junkanoo, in 1992, the album including the local hit "Back to the Island". Kalik followed in 1994, including the international hit "Dancing in the Moonlight". The band moved with Greenberg to Polygram for the 1997 album I Like What I Like and Doong Spank, released the following year. The latter sold only 700 copies in the US and the band were dropped by the label. Greenberg then started...
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