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Bakkushan is a German indie rock band formed in Mannheim. Their band name comes from the Japanese expression バックシャン (bakkushan, a woman that looks better from behind than from the front). The band was formed in June 2007 by Daniel Schmidt, Christian Kalle, Robert Kerner and Jan Siekmann. In 2008, the band signed to EMI Virgin Records and during that year they won the Jägermeister Rock: Liga Video Contest and Beck’s On Stage Festival Challenge. In 2010, they represented the state of Baden-Württemberg, in the Bundesvision Song Contest. They finished in 9th place with 39 points. History Bakkushan was formed by singer Schmidt together with Kalle, Kerner and Siekmann in July 2007 during their studies at the Popakademie Mannheim. Their first live performance was at the Academy on the 28th of July 2007. Schmidt developed the band's first EP at home on the computer, to be used as a demo. On the EP were the songs Baby du siehst gut aus, Lass die Sonne und mich allein and the...
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alles war aus gold accoustic crd 944598id 29042010date230.00
alles war aus gold acoustic tab 1021878id 18012011date270.00
alles war aus gold crd 959397id 17062010date210.00
alles war aus gold intro tab 1046658id 15042011date230.00
alles war aus gold ver2 crd 1021926id 18012011date220.00
alles war aus gold ver3 crd 1061204id 03062011date230.00
alles wird gut crd 1167262id 10072012date210.00


baby du siehst gut aus crd 991126id 27092010date220.00


du nervst weil fuck you tab 1199279id 07122012date240.00


gefahr crd 942430id 21042010date220.00


nur die nacht crd 1165430id 03072012date230.00


so hort sich der sommer an btab 1168744id 17072012date200.00
sollbruchstelle tab 1200064id 11122012date310.00
springwut tab 942679id 22042010date240.00
springwut ver2 tab 947607id 10052010date220.00