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Balance and Composure is an American alternative rock band from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. They formed in the winter of 2007, after the breakup of two local Doylestown bands. The band's music is often suggested having similarities to Title Fight, Brand New, and Nirvana. They've released three studio albums and five EPs since their inception. Their second album The Things We Think We're Missing reached number 51 on the Billboard 200, number 10 on the Independent Albums, number 13 on the Modern Rock/Alternative Albums and number 16 on the Rock Albums charts. Discography Studio albums Separation (2011) The Things We Think We're Missing (2013) Light We Made (2016) EPs I Just Want to Be Pure (2008) Only Boundaries (2009) Balance and Composure/Tigers Jaw split (2010) Acoustic 7" (2012) Braid & Balance and Composure split (2012) Off the Board: A Studio 4 Family Compilation (2013) Music videos "Quake" (2012) "Reflection" (2013) "Tiny Raindrop" (2013) "Postcard" (2016) "Afterparty"...
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alone for now solo tab 1130737id 14022012date310.00
alone for now tab 1086939id 29082011date340.00
alone for now ver2 tab 1101724id 20102011date290.00


echo tab 1085330id 22082011date300.00


i cant do this alone tab 1017325id 05012011date290.00
i cant do this alone ver2 tab 1025347id 31012011date310.00
i just want to be pure intro tab 1080345id 01082011date270.00
i tore you apart in my head tab 1141664id 30032012date280.00


more to me intro tab 1188899id 16102012date300.00


show your face tab 993553id 06102010date310.00
stonehands intro tab 1102034id 21102011date420.00
stonehands tab 1129564id 09022012date290.00


void tab 1081420id 05082011date250.00


weak man weak boy acoustic crd 1088655id 01092011date230.00
weak man weak boy crd 1059041id 27052011date230.00
weak man weak boy tab 1076491id 22072011date250.00