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Ballyhoo! is a rock, pop, punk, and reggae band from Aberdeen, Maryland. The group has sold over 30,000 copies of its 5 albums and more than 200,000 digital tracks. Ballyhoo! played the House of Marley Stage on the Warped Tour 2012. The band has opened up for bands 311, Dirty Heads, Tribal Seeds, and Slightly Stoopid on previous tours. The group played over 166 shows in 2012. History Ballyhoo! started out in July of 1995. The band's self-released album Do It For The Money! contained the songs “Cali Girl” and “Cerveza.” The follow-up, Cheers!, was produced by Scotch Ralston (311). The album also features mix work by 311 drummer, Chad Sexton. Ballyhoo! released a single, "Front Porch," in October of 2010. The band's album Daydreams was the group's first release under Pepper's LAW Records. The 12-track album was recorded and produced at Sound Lounge studios in Orlando, Florida by Greg Shields and Mike Stebe and released in September of 2011. The band’s "Daydreams" single...
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alcohol looks beautiful tonight tab 946166id 03052010date350.00
antisocial crd 1098526id 10102011date250.00


bad credit crd 835531id 11062009date260.00


cali girl crd 777091id 21012009date280.00
cali girl tab340.00
cali girl ver2 crd 1175639id 16082012date230.00
cervesa tab 832377id 03062009date210.00
cheers tab 1044081id 07042011date260.00
close to me crd420.00


diamonds crd 1181313id 11092012date270.00
diamonds intro tab 1132756id 22022012date350.00
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i lately notice tab 900532id 10122009date280.00


longshot solo tab310.00


man on the moon crd 1092520id 12092011date240.00


paper dolls tab 982991id 30082010date270.00
phantoms tab 823996id 15052009date350.00


saw her standing crd 1056572id 20052011date260.00
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