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Troy Von Balthazar (TvB) is a Hawaii born American singer, songwriter and poet who fronted the Los Angeles based indie rock band Chokebore. His work can be described as intense and original, lo-fi pop music. Biography Before working solo Troy Von Balthazar (TvB) became famous in the 90’s as the singer and songwriter of L.A./Hawaii cult band Chokebore. They toured all around the world, including 10 shows supporting Nirvana on their final tour, and released 5 LPs, landmarks in independent rock ‘s history. Expanding on the slow, sad landscapes of Chokebore's later works, Troy Von Balthazar (TvB) first released a series of homemade CD-R EPs under the moniker "B. Balthazar", performing all instruments (mainly acoustic and electric guitars, drums, vocals and taped samples) himself. His solo debut, the Sweet Receiver EP (2001), was followed in 2002 by the Red Spider EP, . These two EPs were re-released together on the B. Balthazar MCD, which was sold exclusively at shows during...
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