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Bamses Venner (English: Teddy (Bear)'s Friends) was a Danish musical group that performed together from 1973 to 2011. Bamses Venner represented Denmark in the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest with the entry "Tænker altid på dig" (ranked 14th in 19 countries) and received 25 points. They also recorded "Er du langsom i nat" and "I en lille båd der gynger". In 1980, the band was composed of Flemming Jørgensen, lead vocals and bass (nicknamed "Bamse" which means "Teddy Bear"), Mogens Balle (piano/organ), Bjarne Green (guitar), and Arne Østergaard (drums). As of 2004, the band consisted of Jørgensen (vocals, bass), Peter Bødker (piano/organ/guitar), Frank Thøgersen (drums), Torben Fausø (keyboards) and Jes Kerstein (guitar). Bamses Venner sang in Danish. Jørgensen died on January 1, 2011, from a cardiac arrest. The rest of the band members have decided to break up after a series of planned memorial concerts. Members Flemming Bamse Jørgensen, (vocals, bass), 1973-2011 Jes Halding,...
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i en lille bd der gynger crd 1062858id 03062011date342.30


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