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Luis Benjamín Cordero y Crespo (6 April 1833 – 30 January 1912) was President of Ecuador 1 July 1892 to 16 April 1895. Corder was born April 6, 1833 in the Cañar province of Ecuador to parents Gregorio Cordero and Josefa Crespo. Cordero Studied at the Seminary High School in Cuenca, and later the Central University of Ecuador in Quito. In 1865 Crespo became a lawyer, arguing cases before the Supreme Court of Cuenca. After his career in law, Crespo began publishing poetry and in 1892 published the first Quicha-Spanish dictionary. Political career Luis Cordero was also a politician, serving as a member of the Progresistas, a liberal Catholic political party, and was a member of the provisional governing junta which led the Progresistas to power in 1883. In 1892 Corder became president of Ecuador. Despite being a popular leader, Luis Cordero was forced to leave office following an international political scandal known as La venta de la bandera, or the sale of the flag. During the...
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