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Bang Gang is a melodic pop band from Iceland founded by songwriter/producer Barði Jóhannsson (see also Lady & Bird). The band was formed in 1996, in Barði’s hometown of Reykjavík. Bang Gang were initially a surf band but Barði quickly steered the project in a more melodic pop direction. While Barði has worked with a number of vocalists and musicians, he remains the only constant member. The band's second album Something Wrong followed in 2003 and their acclaimed Ghosts From The Past was released on Discograph in 2008. The most recent album The Wolves Are Whispering has been described by journalists as "Atmospheric Ghost Pop" and has a sound that is unique. The band is recognized for its blend of songwriting, electronica and glacial atmospheres. The band has toured the world playing festivals like Iceland Airwaves, Cannes Film festival, Novosonic, For Noise, Montreaux Jazz Festival, CMJ and SXSW and a number of independent shows at venues such as Salle Pleyel, Gramercy...
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