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Low Bap is a subgenre of the Greek hip hop music scene, that emerged in the mid-1990s as the sound of the prominent Greek hip hop group Active Member. It's characterized by slower tempo and rapping than usual, often combined with lyrics of political content. The words "Low Bap" don't have a specific meaning, they merely represent a perspective on life, society and politics that people in the movement have. The Low Bap movement has been expanded, so that today it includes bookstores, youth centers and specialized magazines. Cinematic attempts, concerts, and festivals have also taken place in an effort to broaden the scope of the movement, and introduce new bands to the genre's range of followers. Origin In June 1992, during a live performance of Public Enemy in Nikaia, B.D. Foxmoor, and MCD met each other and created one of the first Greek hip hop groups, Active Member. In 1995, hip hop music was not well known in Greece. That time, Active Member managed to attract great discographic...
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