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Barbara may refer to: People Barbara (given name) Barbara (singer) (stage name of Monique Serf) Places Barbara (region), ancient region in Northeast Africa Barbara, Gaza, a former Palestinian village near Gaza Barbara, Marche, a town in Italy Santa Barbara, California, a city in Santa Barbara County, California Santa Barbara County, California, a county in California Drama, film, and literature Film Barbara (1980 film), 1980 Argentine film Barbara (1997 film), 1997 Danish film directed by Nils Malmros, based on Jacobsen's novel Barbara (2012 film), 2012 German film Print Bárbara (comics), an Argentine comic book series Barbara (1939), the only and posthumously published novel by Danish-writing Faroese author Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen Barbara, a poem by Jacques Prévert Major Barbara (play), a play by George Bernard Shaw Barbara is also a character in the series The Secret Seven written by Enid Blyton. TV Barbara (TV series), a British sitcom Music Barbara (album), by We Are...
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