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Payton is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Andy Payton (born 1967), English former professional footballer Asie Payton (1937–1997), American blues musician Barbara Payton (1927–1967), American film actress Brian Payton (born 1966), American writer Carolyn R. Payton (1925–2001), American psychologist, Director of the United States Peace Corps Catherine Payton, later known as Catherine Payton Phillips, Quaker minister Charles Payton (born 1960), American former professional basketball player Charles Alfred Payton (1843–1926), British adventurer, fisherman, diplomat and writer Christian Payton (born 1965), American actor and singer Claude Payton (1882–1955), American actor Clement W. Payton (1897–1918), English World War I flying ace David Payton (born 1952), New Zealand diplomat Denis Payton (1943–2006), English saxophonist Dion Payton (born 1950), American Chicago blues guitarist and singer Eddie Payton (born 1951) former American football player Elfrid...
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