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Yvette Barbra Almalbis Honasan (born August 26, 1977 in Roxas City, Capiz), more commonly known as Barbie Almalbis, is a singer and songwriter from the Philippines. Formerly the lead singer of the bands Hungry Young Poets and Barbie's Cradle, she pursued a solo career in 2005, releasing her self-titled compilation album, Barbie: The Singles. In 2006, she released her debut solo album, Parade. Her music is characterised by a rather quirky, but endearing vocal style, and guitar work. Barbie is a capable guitarist in her own right and a painter; she is a born-again Christian and is married to Martin Honasan (the son of the Sen. Gringo Honasan), a painter and scion of a Philippine political family. The couple named their firstborn Noa Stina. Discography Barbie: The Singles (2005) by Hungry Young Poets Torpe Firewoman by Barbie's Cradle Tabing Ilog (soundtrack for ABS-CBN's Tabing Ilog) The Dance Goodnyt Shiny Red Balloon Belinda Bye Bye Dear Paul Money For Food Langit Na...
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