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Barclay James Harvest are an English progressive rock band. They were founded in Oldham, in September 1966 by guitarist/vocalist John Lees (b. 1947), bassist/vocalist Les Holroyd (b. 1948), keyboardist/vocalist Stuart "Woolly" Wolstenholme (1947–2010), and drummer/percussionist Mel Pritchard (1948–2004). History After signing with EMI's Parlophone label in the UK for one single in early 1968, they moved to the more progressively inclined Harvest label. The name for the band, according to the The International Barclay James Harvest Fan Club, signifies "nothing." Their self-titled debut album was released in mid-1970 to positive reviews, but few sales. Their second album, Once Again, gained more favourable reviews, and the tour that followed was conducted with a full orchestra under the guidance of Robert John Godfrey. Their third album Barclay James Harvest and Other Short Stories was an even greater achievement, though Martyn Ford was brought in to supervise the orchestral work...
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african nights crd320.00
all my life crd350.00


back to the wall crd390.00
berlin crd370.00


crazy city crd360.00


death of a city crd480.00
delphtown morn crd350.00


early morning crd 848417id 15072009date270.00
echoes and shadows crd360.00


fact the closed shop crd390.00
fifties child crd370.00
following me crd320.00
for your love crd360.00


galadriel crd 1193264id 06112012date370.00
giving it up crd370.00
guitar blues crd320.00


halfway to freedom crd360.00
harbour crd340.00
he said love crd340.00
high wire crd330.00
hold on crd410.00
hymn crd320.00
hymn ver2 crd410.00


if love is king crd320.00
im like a train crd410.00
in memory of the martyrs crd360.00
ive got a feeling crd300.00


john lennons guitar crd320.00
just a day away crd340.00


kiev crd400.00


life is for living crd340.00
looking from the outside crd320.00
loving is easy crd370.00


midnight drug crd340.00


nova lepidoptera crd340.00


on the wings of love crd340.00
one night btab 1185199id 28092012date300.00
one night crd330.00
one night intro tab380.00
one night tab 1184972id 27092012date350.00
origin earth crd350.00


paraiso dos cavalos crd320.00
play to the world crd290.00
poor boy blues crd 1120842id 06012012date310.00
poor mans moody blues crd320.00
poor mans moody blues tab350.00
prisoner of your love crd310.00


ring of changes crd360.00


say youll stay crd350.00
shadows on the sky crd330.00
she said tab 1199575id 10122012date320.00
sideshow crd350.00
sip of wine crd340.00
suicide btab 1184383id 25092012date340.00
suicide crd390.00
suicide intro tab430.00
suicide tab 998177id 25102010date370.00
sweet jesus crd340.00
sweet jesus tab340.00


taking me higher tab 1157598id 29052012date390.00
teenage heart crd310.00
the iron maiden crd340.00
the life you lead crd330.00
the streets of san francisco crd310.00
the world goes on crd330.00
title crd350.00
titles crd 1163212id 25062012date320.00
turn the key crd350.00
turning in circles crd290.00


vanessa simmons crd 1192805id 05112012date310.00
victims of circumstance crd370.00


waiting for the right time crd350.00
waiting on the borderline crd320.00
watching you crd370.00
welcome to the show crd380.00
where do we go tab380.00


you need love crd310.00