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Gartnerlosjen is a Norwegian rock n' roll band known for their peculiar lyrics. Among the more prominent members of the band are vocalist Kristopher Schau, guitarist and vocalist Lars Lønning, and bassist and vocalist Egil Hegerberg (aka "Bare Egil", meaning "Only Egil"). The band was formed in Oslo in 1987, and has been mostly inactive since 1996. Gartnerlosjen has released the albums Krem Fjes ("Cream Faces", 1994) and Due ("Pigeon", 1995), in addition to several EPs and demo tapes. In 2003, they released their first greatest hits album Adjø kreavitet – 30 år med slurv ("Goodbye creativity; 30 years of sloppiness"). The band is signed to Duplex Records, and incorporates many members and music from other bands on the label. Even though Gartnerlosjen has not released any new material in nearly a decade, they still sporadically hold concerts. The members of the band have later been involved in other bands, like Black Debbath, Bare Egil Band, The Cumshots, Hurra Torpedo and Thulsa...
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