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Barefoot Truth was an American independent roots rock band from New England. Barefoot Truth consisted of Will Evans (lead vocals, drums, acoustic guitar), Jay Driscoll (electric guitar, Weissenborn, acoustic guitar), Andy Wrba (upright bass, electric bass), Garrett Duffy (harmonica), and John "Wayno" Waynelovich (piano, organ). They performed at a pre-debate rally in New York for the Obama presidential campaign. In July 2012, the band announced on their website that they would be breaking up following a farewell tour in fall 2012. During the band's final show in Boston on November 11th, 2012, this was changed to the band being on hiatus, rather than breaking up. Over Memorial Day weekend of 2015, the band reunited to play a set as part of the Summer Sound Festival at Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts. The set featured both Barefoot Truth songs and some of Will Evans' solo music. Discography 2005: Changes in the Weather 2007: Walk Softly 2008: All Good Reasons 2010: Threads 2011:...
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