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Bark Bark Disco is a band from the island of Malta and Berlin that formed in August 2010. Their debut concert was with Bonnie Prince Billy in a masonic cemetery in Valletta. Their debut video for their single "Song for the Lovers" was a tribute to 1970s porn star Brigitte Lahaie, and was taken from Erwin Dietrich's classic film Six Swedish Girls in a Boarding School. It received half a million views on YouTube in under two weeks. Bark Bark Disco are part of the So Lo-Fi music movement. The band had originally defined their sound as "bedroom pop", mainly because their debut album, Your Mum Says Hello!, was recorded entirely in their bedroom. Recent collaboration work includes amongst others Andre Herman Dune aka Stanley Brinks and Alison Galea Beangrowers on the Get Out Of My Songs, EP. Band members Morris Woodcock (aka Ian Schranz) – vocals and guitar Discography Albums Your Mum Says Hello! (Parasol, 2010) Singles "Song for the Lovers" (Parasol, 2010) EPs "Let's Do This" (61 Franky,...
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