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Bark Psychosis are an English post-rock band/musical project from east London formed in 1986. They were one of the bands that Simon Reynolds cited when coining "post-rock" as a musical style in 1994, and are thus considered one of the key bands defining the genre. In its original form, the group was a quartet of Graham Sutton, Daniel Gish, John Ling and Mark Simnett. This line-up (with contributions from other passing members) recorded most of the early EPs and the seminal 1994 album Hex. Sutton has remained the consistent core member of the group, which is currently a flexible and intermittently active project in which he is supported by an altering roster of guest musicians (including experimental guitarist Colin Bradley (of Dual) and Talk Talk drummer Lee Harris). Sound and influences Bark Psychosis' sound has covered various musical styles including minimalism, introverted indie rock, psychedelia, post-punk, cool jazz, outright mechanical/industrial noise, and electronic dance...
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