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Living Targets is the third album from German punk rock band, Beatsteaks. It was released in August, 2002 on Epitaph Records as was previous album, Launched, in 2000. There was one line-up change from the previous album – Torsten Scholz took over bass duties from Alexander Roßwaag. The album featured more hard rock tracks than previous efforts, including songs which were far slower and more melodic and structured. It aided the band's breakthrough into the mainstream which was completed on 2004's Smack Smash – released on Epitaph Records and WEA. Track listing "Not Ready to Rock" (Teutoburg, Götz, Kurtzke) – 1:27 "God Knows" (Teutoburg, Baumann) – 2:32 "Let Me In" (Teutoburg, Baumann) – 3:32 "Soothe Me" (Götz) – 2:30 "Above Us" (Teutoburg, Kurtzke, Baumann, Götz) – 3:03 "This One" (Teutoburg, Baumann) – 2:47 "Disconnected" (Teutoburg, Kurtzke, Baumann) – 3:05 "A-Way" (Götz, Scholz) – 3:40 "Mirrored" (Kurtzke, Scholz) – 3:48 "Run Run" (Teutoburg, Baumann) –...
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a way crd 1098044id 06102011date150.00
aint complaining tab240.00
allright tab 962022id 25062010date140.00
as i please btab 1138295id 16032012date150.00
atomic love btab260.00
atomic love tab180.00
automatic btab 1116789id 19122011date120.00
automatic tab 1066709id 16062011date130.00


big attack btab280.00
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bullets from another dimension tab 1065225id 10062011date140.00


cheap comments btab 1076378id 22072011date130.00
cheap comments tab 1065220id 10062011date180.00
cut of the top acoustic crd180.00
cut off the top tab190.00


demons galore tab 1060871id 03062011date120.00
disconnected tab 918715id 05022010date170.00


e g o tab190.00
e g o ver2 tab180.00
everything tab210.00


fix it btab 1076375id 22072011date140.00
fix it tab 1070827id 30062011date160.00
fool tab180.00
frieda und die bomben tab290.00


hail to the freaks btab200.00
hail to the freaks crd210.00
hail to the freaks intro tab170.00
hail to the freaks tab230.00
hand in hand btab190.00
hand in hand crd 792844id 19022009date150.00
hand in hand tab210.00
hello joe btab220.00
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hey du crd250.00
hey du tab240.00
house on fire crd 1025489id 31012011date130.00
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i dont care as long as you sing btab230.00
i dont care as long as you sing tab180.00
i dont care as long as you sing ver2 btab170.00
i dont care as long as you sing ver3 btab200.00
indifferent btab190.00


jane became insane btab280.00
jane became insane solo tab 836912id 15062009date160.00
jane became insane tab170.00
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kings of metal tab210.00
kings of metal ver2 tab210.00


let me in btab170.00
let me in tab 982579id 30082010date130.00
let me in ver2 btab 783110id 27012009date130.00
lets see crd 1036947id 17032011date150.00
loyal to none tab210.00


meantime btab190.00
meantime crd230.00
meantime tab180.00
meantime ver2 tab190.00
metzies song tab150.00
milk and honey crd 1011487id 13122010date150.00
milk and honey tab 1066722id 16062011date110.00
milk honey tab 1025811id 01022011date120.00
mirrores tab200.00


not ready to rock tab190.00


panic btab 1179078id 31082012date180.00
panic tab230.00


radio radio crd190.00


salty salute tab 962017id 25062010date160.00
schlecht tab210.00
sharp cool collected tab 1066683id 15062011date90.00
she was great btab150.00
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she was great ver2 btab 958452id 14062010date180.00
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shiny shoes tab210.00
shut up stand up intro tab170.00
shut up stand up tab190.00
soljanka tab 1066689id 15062011date160.00
soothe me crd200.00
soothe me tab260.00
soothe me ver2 crd 1090544id 05092011date130.00
soothe me ver2 tab 950665id 19052010date120.00
summer tab160.00
summer ver2 tab240.00
summer ver3 tab230.00


to be stron tab280.00
to be strong btab 1084150id 15082011date90.00
to be strong tab160.00
to be strong ver2 tab 830613id 30052009date110.00
true fine love tab170.00


under a clear blue sky crd 1061722id 31052011date130.00
under a clear blue sky tab 1066679id 15062011date130.00


vision tab220.00


we have to figure it out tonight tab170.00
whats coming over you tab190.00