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Billy Talent is a Canadian rock band from Mississauga, Ontario. They formed in 1993 with Benjamin Kowalewicz as the lead vocalist, Ian D'Sa on guitar, bassist Jon Gallant and drummer Aaron Solowoniuk. There have been no lineup changes, although Aaron is currently taking a hiatus from the band due to an MS relapse, Jordan Hastings from Alexisonfire, Cunter and Say Yes is currently filling in for him. In the 13 years since their inception, Billy Talent sold well over one million albums in Canada alone and nearly 3 million albums internationally. The band existed for almost a decade before mainstream success. The members met and played in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School under the name Pezz and remained underground in Toronto's indie music scene until 2001. The band renamed itself Billy Talent after running into legal trouble with the old name. It was then that Kowalewicz's connection with an employee of Warner Music Canada's A&R department landed the band a record deal and...
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beach balls btab310.00
beach balls tab260.00
beach balls ver2 btab260.00
beach balls ver3 btab310.00
beach balls ver4 btab 1166462id 10072012date280.00
billy talent album btab290.00
billy talent album tab280.00
billy talent ii album btab280.00
billy talent ii album tab320.00
billy talent ii album ver2 btab310.00
billy talent ii album ver2 tab270.00
bloody nails and broken hearts crd 1043886id 07042011date310.00
bloody nails and broken hearts tab 865200id 25082009date230.00
burn the evidence btab280.00
burn the evidence crd 998342id 25102010date250.00
burn the evidence tab270.00
burn the evidence ver2 btab310.00
burn the evidence ver2 tab 869601id 07092009date270.00
burn the evidence ver3 tab250.00


cold turkey btab 1045636id 11042011date240.00
cold turkey tab 835110id 10062009date250.00
covered in cowardice acoustic crd630.00
covered in cowardice btab270.00
covered in cowardice crd 996810id 18102010date270.00
covered in cowardice tab340.00
covered in cowardice ver2 btab530.00
covered in cowardice ver3 btab290.00
covered in cowardice ver3 tab300.00
covered in cowardice ver4 tab 1021295id 18012011date200.00
crooked minds crd 1186543id 05102012date250.00
crooked minds tab 1181880id 13092012date250.00
cure for the enemy crd 1186953id 09102012date270.00
cut the curtains btab240.00
cut the curtains crd 996505id 18102010date240.00
cut the curtains solo tab260.00
cut the curtains solo ver2 tab280.00
cut the curtains solo ver3 tab 1050817id 26042011date430.00
cut the curtains tab290.00
cut the curtains ver2 tab270.00
cut the curtains ver3 tab240.00
cut the curtains ver4 tab270.00


dead silence btab 1182755id 18092012date250.00
dead silence crd 1186548id 05102012date250.00
dead silence intro tab 1185686id 01102012date330.00
dead silence tab 1187658id 10102012date230.00
definition of destiny btab 865728id 27082009date260.00
definition of destiny crd 1018454id 06012011date230.00
definition of destiny tab 838446id 19062009date240.00
devil in a midnight mass btab270.00
devil in a midnight mass crd 996800id 18102010date220.00
devil in a midnight mass drum tab 866922id 31082009date390.00
devil in a midnight mass intro tab300.00
devil in a midnight mass tab250.00
devil in a midnight mass ver2 btab280.00
devil in a midnight mass ver3 btab260.00
devil in a midnight mass ver3 tab290.00
devil in a midnight mass ver4 tab260.00
devil in the midnight mass tab270.00
devil on my shoulder btab 823537id 12052009date310.00
devil on my shoulder crd 1005444id 22112010date230.00
devil on my shoulder intro tab 830928id 01062009date230.00
devil on my shoulder solo tab 830559id 29052009date260.00
devil on my shoulder solo ver2 tab 873209id 15092009date210.00
devil on my shoulder solo ver3 tab 953505id 28052010date280.00
devil on my shoulder tab 814792id 18042009date220.00
devil on my shoulder ver2 btab 860536id 14082009date240.00
devil on my shoulder ver2 tab 843916id 02072009date210.00
devil on my shoulder ver3 btab 937248id 05042010date230.00
devil on my shoulder ver3 tab 848362id 15072009date230.00
devil on my shoulder ver4 tab 1047821id 18042011date260.00
devil on my shoulder ver5 tab 1066021id 13062011date240.00
diamond on a landmine btab 858468id 10082009date230.00
diamond on a landmine crd 990231id 24092010date310.00
diamond on a landmine intro tab 847337id 13072009date230.00
diamond on a landmine tab 849082id 16072009date250.00
diamond on a landmine ver2 btab 866430id 28082009date220.00
diamond on a landmine ver2 crd 1096349id 29092011date260.00
diamond on a landmine ver2 tab 851020id 22072009date240.00
diamond on a landmine ver3 tab 970852id 23072010date260.00
dont count on the wicked crd 1195903id 19112012date260.00
dont count on the wicked intro tab 1193562id 07112012date280.00
dont need to pretend btab 866429id 28082009date260.00
dont need to pretend crd 1036014id 09032011date250.00
dont need to pretend tab 858924id 11082009date270.00
dont need to pretend ver2 crd 1043888id 07042011date210.00
dont need to pretend ver2 tab 865929id 27082009date240.00


ever fallen in love tab 1115397id 13122011date250.00


fallen leaves acoustic crd 1177510id 24082012date270.00
fallen leaves btab360.00
fallen leaves crd310.00
fallen leaves intro tab330.00
fallen leaves intro ver2 tab300.00
fallen leaves solo tab280.00
fallen leaves solo ver2 tab330.00
fallen leaves solo ver3 tab 1046845id 15042011date400.00
fallen leaves tab290.00
fallen leaves ver2 btab380.00
fallen leaves ver2 crd420.00
fallen leaves ver2 tab370.00
fallen leaves ver3 btab 991088id 27092010date270.00
fallen leaves ver3 crd 877149id 28092009date280.00
fallen leaves ver3 tab300.00
fallen leaves ver4 btab 993557id 06102010date270.00
fallen leaves ver4 crd 1090550id 05092011date280.00
fallen leaves ver4 tab290.00
fallen leaves ver5 tab280.00
falling leaves tab 843577id 02072009date240.00


hanging by a thread crd 1183627id 24092012date230.00
hanging by a thread intro tab 1180518id 06092012date250.00
hanging by a thread tab 1181136id 11092012date230.00
hanging by a thread ver2 crd 1191276id 29102012date210.00


in the fall tab 780098id 21012009date250.00


lies btab300.00
lies crd 992563id 04102010date220.00
lies intro tab270.00
lies tab290.00
lies ver2 tab380.00
lies ver3 tab340.00
lies ver4 tab400.00
line and sinker btab260.00
line and sinker crd 994939id 11102010date240.00
line and sinker tab300.00
line and sinker ver2 btab280.00
line and sinker ver2 tab270.00
line and sinker ver3 btab280.00
line and sinker ver3 tab290.00
line and sinker ver4 tab260.00
living in the shadows btab260.00
living in the shadows crd 994935id 11102010date230.00
living in the shadows intro tab320.00
living in the shadows tab260.00
living in the shadows ver2 btab260.00
living in the shadows ver2 tab360.00
living in the shadows ver3 tab330.00
living in the shadows ver4 tab270.00
lonely road to absolution crd 1183611id 21092012date240.00
lonely road to absolution tab 1192107id 31102012date250.00
love was still around btab 1193272id 06112012date260.00
love was still around crd 1195900id 19112012date220.00


man alive crd 1186951id 09102012date240.00
man alive tab 1181959id 14092012date290.00


navy song btab250.00
navy song intro tab290.00
navy song tab300.00
navy song ver3 tab270.00
navy song ver4 tab 876642id 28092009date250.00
needle and pin crd 843618id 02072009date220.00
nita tab270.00
nothing to lose btab350.00
nothing to lose crd510.00
nothing to lose drum tab 869331id 07092009date210.00
nothing to lose tab240.00
nothing to lose ver2 btab 871741id 11092009date240.00
nothing to lose ver2 crd 996503id 18102010date210.00
nothing to lose ver2 tab280.00
nothing to lose ver3 tab250.00
nothing to lose ver4 tab250.00


perfect world btab340.00
perfect world crd 831787id 02062009date250.00
perfect world tab300.00
perfect world ver2 btab310.00
perfect world ver2 crd 997044id 19102010date220.00
perfect world ver3 btab340.00
perfect world ver4 btab250.00
perfect world ver5 btab 993632id 07102010date260.00
pins and neddles tab230.00
pins and neddles ver2 tab 1043617id 04042011date200.00
pins and needles btab280.00
pins and needles crd230.00
pins and needles intro tab240.00
pins and needles tab310.00
pins and needles ver2 btab240.00
pins and needles ver2 crd 930074id 12032010date250.00
pins and needles ver2 tab240.00
pins and needles ver3 crd 993395id 06102010date210.00
pins and needles ver3 tab 1044247id 07042011date230.00
pins and needles ver4 tab 1104075id 28102011date240.00
pocketful of dreams btab 830129id 28052009date210.00
pocketful of dreams crd 1018447id 06012011date240.00
pocketful of dreams tab 840092id 23062009date250.00
prisoner of today btab 1133599id 01032012date260.00
prisoner of today tab220.00
prisoners of today btab280.00
prisoners of today crd 996509id 18102010date220.00
prisoners of today intro tab260.00
prisoners of today tab260.00
prisoners of today ver2 tab270.00
prisoners of today ver3 tab240.00
prisoners of today ver4 tab260.00
prisoners of today ver5 tab 1145113id 09042012date250.00


red flag btab340.00
red flag crd280.00
red flag drum tab 870600id 08092009date260.00
red flag intro tab280.00
red flag tab340.00
red flag ver2 btab300.00
red flag ver2 crd 992416id 04102010date220.00
red flag ver2 tab240.00
red flag ver3 btab300.00
red flag ver3 tab360.00
red flag ver4 btab310.00
red flag ver4 tab300.00
red flag ver5 tab 1044306id 07042011date230.00
river below btab290.00
river below crd 994619id 11102010date240.00
river below drum tab 864700id 24082009date230.00
river below intro tab300.00
river below live tab290.00
river below tab260.00
river below ver2 btab250.00
river below ver2 drum tab 866925id 31082009date220.00
river below ver2 tab390.00
river below ver3 btab300.00
river below ver3 tab340.00
river below ver4 btab260.00
river below ver4 tab270.00
river below ver5 btab400.00
river below ver5 tab290.00
river below ver6 tab370.00
river below ver7 tab330.00
running across the tracks crd 1189852id 23102012date230.00
running across the tracks tab 1181862id 13092012date230.00
running across the tracks ver2 tab 1189513id 19102012date280.00
rusted from the rain btab 823303id 12052009date260.00
rusted from the rain crd 847557id 13072009date260.00
rusted from the rain solo tab 832918id 05062009date240.00
rusted from the rain solo ver2 tab 921470id 15022010date290.00
rusted from the rain tab 825409id 18052009date200.00
rusted from the rain ver2 btab 858551id 10082009date230.00
rusted from the rain ver2 crd 854501id 30072009date250.00
rusted from the rain ver2 tab 828007id 25052009date240.00
rusted from the rain ver3 btab 889263id 05112009date230.00
rusted from the rain ver3 crd 1005445id 22112010date220.00
rusted from the rain ver3 tab 831394id 01062009date230.00
rusted from the rain ver4 btab 938833id 09042010date250.00
rusted from the rain ver4 tab 854688id 01082009date210.00
rusted from the rain ver5 btab 946141id 03052010date210.00
rusted from the rain ver5 tab 854796id 01082009date250.00
rusted from the rain ver6 tab 883801id 17102009date270.00


saint veronika btab 830164id 29052009date210.00
saint veronika crd 913107id 21012010date280.00
saint veronika solo tab 830820id 30052009date310.00
saint veronika tab 838606id 19062009date250.00
saint veronika ver2 btab 883348id 17102009date190.00
saint veronika ver2 crd 1005446id 22112010date230.00
saint veronika ver2 tab 850987id 22072009date200.00
saint veronika ver3 btab 1000158id 01112010date250.00
show me the way crd 1181016id 11092012date250.00
show me the way ver2 crd 1198527id 03122012date230.00
square root of me tab240.00
stand up and run crd 1183703id 24092012date200.00
stand up and run tab 1184452id 25092012date280.00
standing in the rain btab270.00
standing in the rain crd 994616id 11102010date240.00
standing in the rain intro tab290.00
standing in the rain tab320.00
sudden movements btab 862613id 20082009date340.00
sudden movements crd 1018453id 06012011date230.00
sudden movements intro tab 858127id 10082009date240.00
sudden movements tab 862042id 19082009date220.00
surender intro tab260.00
surprise surprise btab 1177592id 24082012date260.00
surprise surprise crd 1189853id 23102012date240.00
surprise surprise tab 1174697id 13082012date230.00
surprise surprise ver2 tab 1176377id 20082012date290.00
surprise surprise ver3 tab 1180642id 07092012date240.00
surrender btab300.00
surrender crd270.00
surrender drum tab 864730id 24082009date510.00
surrender tab320.00
surrender ver2 btab270.00
surrender ver2 crd 877130id 28092009date220.00
surrender ver2 tab290.00
surrender ver3 btab340.00
surrender ver3 crd 1105022id 01112011date240.00
surrender ver3 tab270.00
surrender ver4 btab280.00
surrender ver4 tab280.00
surrender ver5 btab390.00
surrender ver6 btab300.00
surrender ver7 btab 811694id 11042009date200.00
surrender ver8 btab 1065428id 13062011date230.00
swallowed up by the ocean crd 1184578id 26092012date270.00
swallowed up by the ocean solo tab 1181457id 11092012date230.00
sympathy btab280.00
sympathy crd340.00
sympathy drum tab 864867id 24082009date260.00
sympathy tab290.00
sympathy ver2 btab270.00
sympathy ver2 crd 992054id 30092010date250.00
sympathy ver2 tab250.00


tears into wine btab 829700id 27052009date220.00
tears into wine crd 899380id 07122009date210.00
tears into wine intro tab 1040982id 28032011date220.00
tears into wine tab 838465id 19062009date210.00
tears into wine ver2 btab 869950id 07092009date220.00
tears into wine ver2 crd 1006228id 25112010date250.00
tears into wine ver2 tab 848718id 15072009date200.00
tears into wine ver3 tab 855778id 03082009date210.00
the dead cant testify btab 836826id 15062009date210.00
the dead cant testify crd 1018449id 06012011date270.00
the dead cant testify solo tab 831349id 01062009date240.00
the dead cant testify tab 838964id 22062009date210.00
the ex btab240.00
the ex crd290.00
the ex drum tab 947617id 10052010date230.00
the ex solo tab260.00
the ex solo ver2 tab380.00
the ex tab300.00
the ex ver2 crd 994612id 11102010date210.00
the ex ver2 tab250.00
the ex ver3 tab270.00
the ex ver4 tab230.00
the ex ver5 tab250.00
the navy song btab290.00
the navy song crd 997040id 19102010date220.00
this is how it goes btab260.00
this is how it goes crd 994928id 11102010date260.00
this is how it goes tab310.00
this is how it goes ver2 btab310.00
this is how it goes ver2 tab260.00
this is how it goes ver3 btab 777771id 21012009date290.00
this is how it goes ver3 tab280.00
this is how it goes ver4 tab300.00
this is how it goes ver5 tab260.00
this is how it goes ver6 tab270.00
this is how it goes ver7 tab260.00
this suffering btab270.00
this suffering crd290.00
this suffering tab220.00
this suffering ver2 btab250.00
this suffering ver2 crd 996803id 18102010date340.00
this suffering ver2 tab260.00
this suffering ver3 btab230.00
this suffering ver3 tab240.00
this suffering ver4 btab240.00
this suffering ver4 tab250.00
this suffering ver5 btab 1003965id 16112010date220.00
this suffering ver5 tab260.00
try honesty acoustic crd270.00
try honesty acoustic tab270.00
try honesty btab300.00
try honesty crd250.00
try honesty drum tab 869321id 07092009date260.00
try honesty tab250.00
try honesty ver2 btab210.00
try honesty ver2 crd270.00
try honesty ver2 tab280.00
try honesty ver3 crd 992049id 30092010date230.00
try honesty ver3 tab230.00
try honesty ver4 tab290.00
try honesty ver5 tab210.00
try honesty ver6 tab260.00
try honesty ver7 tab 1036729id 17032011date190.00
turn you back crd 1018450id 06012011date220.00
turn you back tab310.00
turn your back btab230.00
turn your back tab280.00
turn your back ver2 btab240.00
turn your back ver2 tab270.00
turn your back ver3 btab260.00
turn your back ver3 tab 871344id 10092009date190.00


viking death march btab 1155462id 21052012date230.00
viking death march crd 1183698id 24092012date270.00
viking death march tab 1157120id 28052012date310.00
viking death march ver2 btab 1157227id 28052012date240.00
viking death march ver2 tab 1157189id 28052012date230.00
viking death march ver3 tab 1157207id 28052012date230.00
viking death march ver4 tab 1158138id 31052012date210.00
voices of violence btab280.00
voices of violence crd 992590id 04102010date200.00
voices of violence tab220.00


waiting room btab270.00
waiting room tab240.00
warmth of windows btab310.00
warmth of windows tab230.00
when i was a little girl btab270.00
when i was a little girl tab260.00
where is the line btab630.00
where is the line crd 994628id 11102010date170.00
where is the line tab290.00
where is the line ver2 tab220.00
white sparrows btab 830174id 29052009date280.00
white sparrows crd 913133id 21012010date200.00
white sparrows tab 837802id 17062009date180.00
white sparrows ver2 btab 855746id 03082009date190.00
white sparrows ver2 crd 918139id 04022010date220.00
white sparrows ver2 tab 847465id 13072009date260.00
white sparrows ver3 btab 870024id 07092009date240.00
white sparrows ver3 crd 992050id 30092010date290.00
worker bees btab270.00
worker bees crd 994623id 11102010date220.00
worker bees tab310.00
worker bees ver2 btab220.00
worker bees ver2 tab310.00
worker bees ver3 btab280.00
worker bees ver3 tab280.00