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The Black Crowes were an American rock band formed in 1989. Their discography includes eight studio albums, four live albums and several charting singles. The band was signed to Def American Recordings in 1989 by producer George Drakoulias and released their debut album, Shake Your Money Maker, the following year. The follow-up, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, reached the top of the Billboard 200 in 1992. After a hiatus between 2002 and 2005, the band released Warpaint, which hit number 5 on the Billboard chart. After the release of a greatest hits/acoustic double album Croweology in August 2010, the band started a 20th anniversary tour that was followed by an ongoing second hiatus. The band announced that they would return in early 2013 but that December they returned to hiatus status with no specific return date. They announced their break-up in 2015. The band has sold over 30 million albums, and is listed at number 92 on VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock". They...
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a conspiracy crd483.60
a conspiracy tab463.10
a train still makes a lonely sound tab 990935id 27092010date452.10
and the band played on tab 911727id 19012010date463.60
another roadside tragedy tab473.60
appaloosa crd 872752id 14092009date463.40


bad luck blue eyes goodbye tab463.00
bad luck blue eyes goodbye ver2 tab 913326id 21012010date382.10
ballad in urgency tab 833111id 05062009date392.20
been a long time waiting on love tab 875146id 21092009date432.80
better when youre not alone tab 893581id 19112009date473.80
black moon creeping tab543.00
black moon creeping ver2 tab 781616id 21012009date403.60
black moon creeping ver3 tab 862995id 21082009date303.00
blackberry tab 1183744id 24092012date433.30
bring on bring on tab 781125id 21012009date363.40
by your side tab382.20
by your side ver2 tab 1095907id 27092011date393.00


cold boy smile crd513.90
come on tab523.10
come on ver2 tab 843285id 02072009date412.50
conspiracy crd393.70
cosmic friend tab 824311id 15052009date452.30
could ive been so blind tab 1183759id 24092012date452.60
cursed diamond tab523.30
cursed diamond ver2 tab 782582id 24012009date482.50
cypress tree tab473.10
cypress tree ver2 tab 814454id 17042009date433.10


darling of the underground press tab 840536id 25062009date503.20
descending btab443.40
descending crd423.20
descending tab423.50
dirty hair halo tab 779932id 21012009date533.40
downtown money waster tab503.90
downtown money waster ver2 tab 779924id 19012009date443.00


evergreen tab 796197id 27022009date412.70
evil eye tab 782590id 24012009date383.40
exit tab 794228id 23022009date393.20


feathers tab 784682id 29012009date452.10
fork in the river crd 1029347id 14022011date412.40


girl from a pawnshop crd 1012788id 17122010date353.20
girl from a pawnshop tab 784666id 29012009date452.40
go faster tab 890980id 09112009date372.40
go tell the congregation tab 813945id 16042009date412.90
gone tab 852341id 24072009date473.50
good friday crd452.20
good friday tab 843309id 02072009date373.20
good friday ver2 crd 974853id 05082010date482.10
good morning captain tab 872169id 14092009date452.00
goodbye daughters of the revolution crd463.80
goodbye daughters of the revolution tab 795864id 26022009date352.90
greasy grass river tab 824650id 15052009date462.70
grinnin tab 911713id 19012010date422.80


hard to handle btab422.10
hard to handle crd 1021438id 18012011date613.70
hard to handle drum tab 869181id 07092009date472.40
hard to handle solo tab423.50
hard to handle tab583.20
hard to handle ver2 btab422.20
hard to handle ver2 tab503.60
hard to handle ver3 btab 881115id 08102009date492.40
hard to handle ver4 btab 1006927id 26112010date412.40
hardman tab453.40
heavy crd452.10
here comes daylight tab 915788id 01022010date352.60
high head blues tab502.60
horsehead tab552.40
hotel illness tab 863468id 22082009date523.90
houston dont dream about me tab 872930id 14092009date393.30
how much for your wings tab 862650id 20082009date402.20


i aint hiding btab 1113314id 05122011date372.50
i aint hiding tab 872183id 14092009date493.90
it must be over tab 819758id 04052009date483.50
it takes one to know one tab 810797id 08042009date353.90


jealous again drum tab 1020384id 18012011date443.10
jealous again tab543.50
jealous again ver2 tab 945828id 03052010date493.20
jealous again ver3 tab 1112825id 02122011date453.20


kept my soul tab 872949id 14092009date522.40
kicking my heart around tab512.00
kicking my heart around ver2 tab373.20


lady of avenue a tab 1072623id 07072011date382.50
let me share the ride tab 863216id 21082009date464.00
lickin btab422.90
life vest tab 939303id 12042010date452.30
locust street crd412.20
locust street tab433.80
low down tab 911711id 19012010date402.80


magic rooster blues tab363.10
make glad tab 872186id 14092009date422.90
midnight from the inside out tab 824320id 15052009date432.10
miracle to me tab533.80
miracle to me ver2 tab 947506id 10052010date392.20
movin on down the line tab413.90
movin on down the line ver2 tab 863046id 21082009date492.20
my hearts killing me crd 843290id 02072009date413.80
my morning song tab 840082id 23062009date492.50


nebakanezer tab 782762id 24012009date383.10
nebakenezer tab522.70
no speak no slave tab483.80
no speak no slave ver2 tab 815429id 20042009date393.10
nonfiction tab 862635id 20082009date343.90


oh josephine crd542.10
oh josephine intro tab432.00
oh josephine tab563.40
oh josephine ver2 tab 815438id 20042009date473.50
oh sweet nuthin crd 1177997id 27082012date423.30
one mirror too many tab 795126id 24022009date502.80
only a fool tab 890989id 09112009date422.20
only halfway to everywhere tab452.10
only halfway to everywhere ver2 tab 779951id 19012009date452.50


p25 london tab 794272id 23022009date414.00
paint an 8 tab 822488id 11052009date472.20
pastoral tab 932804id 22032010date333.60
peace anyway tab473.00


remedy btab444.00
remedy crd423.30
remedy tab603.00
remedy ver2 btab 973219id 04082010date462.50
remedy ver2 crd442.70
remedy ver2 tab654.00
remedy ver3 tab393.50
roll old jeremiah crd 873199id 15092009date453.50


saddle my pony crd 970014id 21072010date422.70
seeing things btab503.00
seeing things tab432.20
seeing things ver2 tab 863061id 21082009date532.90
shady grove tab 1072593id 07072011date432.60
she crd453.20
she gave good sunflower crd444.00
she gave good sunflower tab 779973id 19012009date473.50
she talks to angels acoustic crd572.30
she talks to angels acoustic tab 1050524id 26042011date473.80
she talks to angels btab472.20
she talks to angels crd632.30
she talks to angels intro tab412.30
she talks to angels tab473.10
she talks to angels ver2 crd 1052139id 04052011date553.60
she talks to angels ver2 tab582.10
she talks to angels ver3 tab482.30
she talks to angels ver4 tab513.30
she talks to angels ver5 tab482.60
she talks to angels ver6 tab522.70
she talks to angels ver7 tab 962994id 29062010date553.20
sister luck crd513.40
sister luck tab492.10
sister luck ver2 tab493.10
sister luck ver3 tab 863053id 21082009date483.60
smile crd 1109527id 21112011date393.80
sometimes salvation acoustic tab453.20
sometimes salvation crd442.70
sometimes salvation tab 780573id 19012009date472.40
soul singin tab463.30
soul singin ver2 tab512.40
soul singing tab 823935id 13052009date452.30
space captain crd532.50
spider in the sugar bowl blues tab 815462id 20042009date433.30
stare it cold tab 816182id 22042009date363.70
sting me intro tab402.40
sting me tab573.90
sting me ver2 tab422.10
sting me ver3 tab412.70
sting me ver4 tab 821426id 07052009date482.50
struttin blues tab492.10
struttin blues ver2 tab402.10
sunday night buttermilk waltz tab 1029114id 14022011date382.40
sympathy for the devil tab452.80


the last place that love lives tab 881498id 09102009date392.60
then she said my name tab503.00
theres gold in them hills crd 868448id 03092009date483.60
thick n thin tab443.80
thick n thin ver2 tab 872177id 14092009date432.90
thorn in my pride tab403.40
thorn in my pride ver2 tab 821405id 07052009date372.90
thorns progress tab 886823id 26102009date393.60
thunderstorm 6 54 pm tab 886748id 26102009date453.70
title song tab 886458id 26102009date462.80
tornado crd582.90
twice as hard btab522.60
twice as hard crd 1148090id 20042012date423.60
twice as hard drum tab 1020385id 18012011date462.30
twice as hard intro tab413.60
twice as hard tab603.00
twice as hard ver2 btab 807255id 30032009date523.40
twice as hard ver2 tab463.30
twice as hard ver3 tab413.20
twice as hard ver4 tab 1012588id 16122010date363.10


under a mountain tab 793487id 20022009date422.00


virtue and vice tab 794312id 23022009date392.70


waiting guilty tab 840552id 25062009date412.30
walk believer walk intro tab503.80
walk believer walk tab 875147id 21092009date423.90
wee who see the deep intro tab542.30
wee who see the deep tab473.90
what is home tab 872961id 14092009date463.80
wiser time crd623.80
wiser time tab 821729id 07052009date493.60
wiser time ver2 crd553.40
words you throw away tab 945535id 03052010date453.70
wounded bird intro tab592.40
wounded bird tab483.70
wyoming and me tab 909584id 06012010date372.00


young man old man tab 823950id 14052009date443.80