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Brothers is the sixth studio album by American rock duo The Black Keys. Co-produced by the group, Mark Neill, and Danger Mouse, it was released on May 18, 2010 on Nonesuch Records. Brothers was the band's commercial breakthrough, as it sold over 73,000 copies in the United States in its first week and peaked at number three on the Billboard 200, their best performance on the chart to that point. The album's lead single, "Tighten Up", the only track from the album produced by Danger Mouse, became their most successful single to that point, spending 10 weeks at number one on the Alternative Songs chart and becoming the group's first single on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 87 and was later certified gold. The second single, "Howlin' for You", went gold as well. In April 2012, the album was certified platinum in the US by the RIAA for shipping over one million copies. It also went double-platinum in Canada and gold in the UK. In 2011, it won three Grammy Awards, including...
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10 am automatic crd300.00
10 am automatic tab 775508id 21012009date230.00
10 am automatic ver2 crd 1075325id 22072011date300.00
10 am automatic ver2 tab280.00
10 am automatic ver3 tab310.00
10 cent pistol tab 970265id 23072010date260.00


act nice and gentle crd310.00
act nice and gentle tab280.00
act nice and gentle ver2 tab 1072577id 07072011date270.00
aeroplane blues tab290.00
all hands against his own intro tab320.00
all hands against his own tab230.00
all hands against his own ver2 tab290.00
all hands against his own ver3 tab340.00
all you ever wanted tab 824386id 15052009date210.00


black door tab300.00
black mud tab 1027217id 11022011date270.00
breaks intro tab290.00
breaks tab400.00
breaks ver2 tab290.00
brooklyn bound tab330.00


chop and change tab 964633id 05072010date250.00
countdown tab270.00


dead and gone btab 1152713id 08052012date300.00
dead and gone crd 1127817id 02022012date280.00
dead and gone tab 1129829id 10022012date240.00
dead and gone ver2 crd 1186629id 05102012date400.00
dead and gone ver3 crd 1198227id 05122012date280.00
desperate man intro tab380.00
desprate man tab370.00


elevator tab320.00
everlasting light crd 970114id 23072010date290.00
everlasting light intro tab 991209id 29092010date310.00
everlasting light tab 1031990id 23022011date310.00
everlasting light ver2 crd 1039150id 22032011date250.00
everywhere i go tab270.00
everywhere i go ver2 tab250.00
everywhere i go ver3 tab 1072422id 05072011date230.00


give your heart away solo tab 1022651id 08022011date300.00
give your heart away tab290.00
give your heart away ver2 tab 1179976id 04092012date210.00
gold on the ceiling btab 1143644id 05042012date500.00
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goodbye babylon intro tab320.00
goodbye babylon tab 786968id 03022009date310.00
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grown so ugly tab250.00
grown so ugly ver2 tab300.00


hard row solo tab350.00
hard row tab320.00
hard row ver2 tab300.00
have love will travel intro tab280.00
have love will travel intro ver2 tab 951386id 21052010date230.00
have love will travel solo tab290.00
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have mercy on me intro tab240.00
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heavy soul intro tab310.00
heavy soul tab330.00
heavy soul ver2 tab350.00
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heavy soul ver4 tab 960957id 23062010date290.00
heavy soul ver5 tab 1108710id 18112011date220.00
hell of a season tab 1117252id 21122011date250.00
hell of a season ver2 tab 1126438id 27012012date240.00
here i am tab270.00
hold me in your arms tab250.00
hold me in your arms ver2 tab 1007006id 26112010date290.00
hold me in your arms ver3 tab 1050035id 25042011date300.00
howlin for you btab 1011319id 13122010date260.00
howlin for you tab 964744id 08072010date260.00
howlin for you ver2 btab 1123510id 16012012date280.00
howlin for you ver2 tab 1016337id 17012011date260.00
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hurt like mine intro tab350.00
hurt like mine tab 925571id 26022010date230.00
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if you see me tab350.00
if you see me ver2 tab300.00
ill be your man tab220.00
ill be your man ver2 tab 962043id 25062010date230.00
ill be your man ver3 tab 1006308id 25112010date300.00
ill be your man ver4 tab 1065806id 13062011date240.00
im not the one crd 996876id 21102010date190.00


juniors instrumental tab270.00
just a little heat tab300.00
just a little heat ver2 tab310.00
just a little heat ver3 tab290.00
just a little heat ver4 tab 1027287id 11022011date250.00
just a little heat ver5 tab 1185488id 01102012date250.00
just couldnt tie me down tab280.00
just couldnt tie me down ver2 tab270.00
just couldnt tie me down ver3 tab 1029326id 23022011date320.00


keep me tab460.00
keep me ver2 tab270.00
keep your hands off her tab290.00
keep your hands off her ver2 tab 1197469id 27112012date240.00


leavin trunk tab380.00
lengths tab370.00
little black submarines btab 1128967id 07022012date240.00
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meet me in the city tab 915188id 29012010date260.00
midnight in her eyes tab300.00
mind eraser btab 1186534id 05102012date240.00
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modern times tab280.00
money maker btab 1121694id 09012012date250.00
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my mind is ramblin intro tab300.00
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my mind is ramblin tab310.00
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nerver gonna give you up tab 1012092id 15122010date280.00
never gonna give you up btab 1155806id 22052012date190.00
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next girl btab 1031857id 23022011date270.00
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no fun tab 1146716id 17042012date210.00
no trust intro tab310.00
no trust tab360.00
nobody but you tab 997393id 21102010date250.00
nova baby crd 1114497id 09122011date240.00
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oceans and streams crd 1026128id 02022011date240.00
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ohio intro btab 1023713id 28012011date280.00


psychotic girl btab340.00
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remember when crd270.00
remember when solo tab290.00
remember when tab340.00
run me down tab 1052444id 04052011date180.00
run right back btab 1148144id 19042012date250.00
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same old thing tab260.00
same old thing ver2 tab 932258id 19032010date290.00
same old thing ver3 tab 991400id 29092010date240.00
set you free solo tab 1184976id 27092012date280.00
set you free tab260.00
set you free ver2 tab270.00
set you free ver3 tab280.00
she said she said tab250.00
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shes long gone tab 973196id 30072010date210.00
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sinister kid btab 958021id 14062010date290.00
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sister crd 1142536id 03042012date220.00
sister tab 1112684id 02122011date220.00
so he wont break solo tab 998049id 27102010date240.00
so he wont break tab320.00
so he wont break ver2 tab370.00
stack shot billy intro tab330.00
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stack shot billy ver4 tab 997614id 21102010date210.00
stop stop tab 1114244id 08122011date200.00
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strange desire tab390.00
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strange desire ver3 tab280.00
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ten cent pistol btab 963834id 01072010date240.00
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the baddest man alive tab 1192081id 31102012date200.00
the breaks tab330.00
the flame intro tab300.00
the flame tab 836337id 13062009date290.00
the flame ver2 tab 950135id 19052010date190.00
the lenghts crd 852863id 27072009date280.00
the lengths tab 847754id 13072009date230.00
the moan tab420.00
the only one crd 996848id 21102010date210.00
the only one tab 975416id 06082010date250.00
the wicked messenger tab350.00
them eyes tab 1059471id 27052011date230.00
these days crd 969841id 23072010date200.00
thickfreakness tab240.00
thickfreakness ver2 tab380.00
thickfreakness ver3 tab250.00
thickfreakness ver4 tab 964526id 08072010date240.00
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things aint like the used to be crd 1015389id 17012011date240.00
things aint like they used to be crd 1015773id 05012011date190.00
things aint like they used to be tab 1019951id 18012011date190.00
tighten up acoustic crd 1032816id 07032011date240.00
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tighten up ver3 crd 1025430id 31012011date300.00
tighten up ver3 tab 1017466id 17012011date260.00
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tighten up ver5 tab 1077452id 22072011date220.00
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till i get my way tab 803244id 19032009date220.00
till i get my way ver2 tab320.00
till i get my way ver3 tab 1130331id 13022012date270.00
too afraid to love you btab 1057337id 19052011date240.00
too afraid to love you crd 989384id 22092010date260.00


unknown brother crd 973784id 04082010date250.00
unknown brother tab 978085id 16082010date180.00


when the lights go out tab230.00
when the lights go out ver2 tab 839819id 22062009date270.00


yearnin tab 1020916id 18012011date370.00
yernin tab 1006049id 25112010date320.00
your touch btab360.00
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your touch ver3 tab340.00
your touch ver4 tab360.00
your touch ver5 tab310.00
your touch ver6 tab 1020966id 17012011date230.00
your touch ver7 tab 1154135id 14052012date250.00
youre the one crd200.00
youre the one tab240.00
youre the one ver2 tab300.00