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Black Label Society is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1998 by Zakk Wylde. The band has, thus far, released nine studio albums, two live albums, two compilation albums, one EP, and three video albums. History Sonic Brew and Formation (1998–1999) In the early 1990s, Wylde had formed his own solo band Pride & Glory, playing a mixture of bluesy southern rock with heavy metal. However, they disbanded in December 1994 after having released only one album. Wylde subsequently recorded an acoustic solo album, Book of Shadows (released 1996). In May 1998, after limited commercial success with Book of Shadows, Wylde and drummer Phil Ondich recorded what became Black Label Society's debut album Sonic Brew. It was decided, rather than the album being another solo album for Wylde, that they would form a long term band. It was known from the start that Nick Catanese would be retained as the second guitarist in the band (Catanese previously toured as rhythm...
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13 years of grief tab220.00
13 years of grief ver2 tab 784421id 28012009date240.00
13 years of grief ver3 tab 1013102id 20122010date300.00
1919 eternal album tab 813728id 16042009date200.00


aint life grand tab210.00
all for you tab210.00
america the beautiful tab200.00


battering ram btab220.00
battering ram solo tab290.00
battering ram tab250.00
been a long time tab160.00
been a long time ver2 tab180.00
been a long time ver3 tab230.00
been a long time ver4 tab200.00
been a long time ver5 tab190.00
beginning at last tab240.00
beneath the tree tab250.00
berserkers btab200.00
berserkers tab250.00
berserkers ver2 btab300.00
berzerkers tab260.00
black mass reverands tab290.00
black mass reverends tab270.00
black pearl tab260.00
blacked out world tab270.00
blacked out world ver2 tab310.00
blackened waters btab260.00
blackened waters tab250.00
blackened waters ver2 tab250.00
bleed for me btab200.00
bleed for me drum tab 869225id 07092009date200.00
bleed for me tab170.00
bleed for me ver2 tab220.00
bleed for me ver3 tab180.00
blessed hell ride tab210.00
blessed hellride btab180.00
blessed hellride ver2 btab 795425id 25022009date200.00
blood in the well crd180.00
blood in the well tab170.00
blood is thicker than water crd160.00
blood is thicker than water tab190.00
blood is thicker than water ver2 crd240.00
blood is thicker than water ver2 tab180.00
blood is thicker than water ver3 crd 1130203id 14022012date200.00
bored to tears tab220.00
bored to tears ver2 tab230.00
born to booze tab210.00
born to lose btab250.00
born to lose tab180.00
bridge to cross btab 786970id 03022009date180.00
bridge to cross tab280.00
bullet inside your head tab180.00


cant find my way home crd 1103534id 27102011date230.00
concrete jungle btab270.00
concrete jungle tab230.00
concrete jungle ver2 tab280.00
concrete jungle ver3 tab230.00
counterfeit god btab210.00
counterfeit god tab240.00
crazy horse tab 964453id 05072010date240.00
crazy or high btab240.00
crazy or high crd 1044562id 07042011date230.00
crazy or high tab270.00


damage is done crd 1044329id 07042011date170.00
darkest days crd 985497id 08092010date200.00
dead as yesterday crd 963403id 30062010date190.00
dead as yesterday tab230.00
dead meadow crd270.00
dead meadow tab250.00
death march intro tab330.00
demise of sanit tab230.00
demise of sanity btab190.00
demise of sanity tab240.00
demise of sanity ver2 tab180.00
destruction overdrive btab310.00
destruction overdrive tab250.00
destruction overdrive ver2 tab270.00
destructon overdrive tab330.00
devils dime tab250.00
dirt on the grave crd220.00
dirt on the grave tab280.00
doomesday jesus tab230.00
doomsday jesus btab 795427id 25022009date260.00
doomsday jesus tab230.00
dr octavia tab260.00
dr octavia ver2 tab240.00


electric hellfire btab300.00
electric hellfire ver2 btab180.00


faith is blind tab210.00
final solution tab240.00
final solution ver2 tab300.00
fire it up btab270.00
fire it up solo tab290.00
fire it up solo ver2 tab310.00
fire it up tab250.00
fire it up ver2 btab220.00
fire it up ver2 tab360.00
fire it up ver3 btab300.00
fire it up ver3 tab290.00
foever down tab270.00
forever down tab240.00
forever down ver2 tab270.00
forever down ver3 tab320.00
funeral bell tab220.00


genocide junkies intro tab290.00
genocide junkies tab330.00
godspeed hellbound intro tab 1015859id 05012011date390.00
godspeed hellbound intro ver2 tab 1036043id 09032011date280.00
godspeed hellbound intro ver3 tab 1072891id 07072011date250.00
godspeed hellbound tab 994822id 11102010date240.00
graveyard desciples tab280.00
graveyard disciples btab260.00
graveyard disciples tab420.00
graveyard disciples ver2 tab220.00


heart of gold crd280.00
heart of gold tab200.00
hell is high btab240.00
hell is high tab240.00
hey you batch of lies tab240.00
house of doom crd210.00
house of doom solo tab290.00
house of doom tab260.00
house of doom ver2 tab280.00
house of doom ver3 tab260.00


i never dreamed crd270.00
i never dreamed intro tab 971386id 26072010date260.00
i never dreamed ver2 crd230.00
in this river acoustic crd 1140652id 27032012date300.00
in this river acoustic tab300.00
in this river btab320.00
in this river crd230.00
in this river live btab 1049357id 26042011date240.00
in this river live intro tab 1201385id 18122012date220.00
in this river solo tab290.00
in this river tab270.00
in this river ver2 tab360.00
iron man inturlude tab310.00


january crd 1027516id 11022011date290.00
just killing time tab260.00


last goodbye crd250.00
last goodbye solo tab210.00
last goodbye solo ver2 tab210.00
last goodbye tab190.00
last goodbye ver2 tab230.00
last goodbye ver3 tab220.00
life birth blood doom tab300.00
like a bird crd 1009307id 06122010date340.00
like a bird tab210.00
lords of destruction tab270.00
lost heaven tab300.00
lost my better half tab290.00
love reign down tab260.00
low down solo tab 1026055id 02022011date330.00
low down tab200.00


mafia album tab210.00
mass murder machine tab280.00
mass murder machine ver2 tab330.00
mother mary tab260.00
mrs j tab250.00


new religion btab 840531id 25062009date220.00
new religion intro tab290.00
new religion tab230.00
new religion ver2 tab240.00
no more tears tab240.00
no other tab270.00
nothings the same crd320.00


once more crd270.00
once more ver2 crd 1114079id 07122011date240.00
overlord tab 980945id 23082010date260.00


parade of the dead tab 996902id 19102010date230.00
phoney smiles and fake hellos btab 787353id 04022009date350.00
phoney smiles and fake hellos tab280.00


queen of sorrow btab220.00
queen of sorrow solo tab300.00
queen of sorrow tab250.00


refuse to bow down tab230.00
riders of the damned tab 995570id 15102010date270.00
riders of the damned ver2 tab 996696id 18102010date400.00
rose petalled garden tab260.00
rose petalled garden ver2 tab 1164965id 02072012date220.00
rust tab260.00


say what you will solo tab250.00
say what you will tab250.00
say what you will ver2 tab300.00
sdmf tab270.00
shallow grave crd 1102134id 21102011date310.00
she deserves a free ride tab280.00
sick of it all crd 918718id 05022010date200.00
snowblind tab270.00
sold my soul btab260.00
sold my soul intro tab280.00
sold my soul tab240.00
sold my soul ver2 tab260.00
southern dissolution tab 1004209id 16112010date290.00
speedball tab260.00
spoke in the wheel crd170.00
spoke in the wheel intro tab 1004759id 19112010date230.00
spoke in the wheel solo tab220.00
spread your wings tab230.00
steppin stone tab170.00
stillborn acoustic crd 802344id 17032009date200.00
stillborn acoustic tab250.00
stillborn acoustic ver2 tab230.00
stillborn btab240.00
stillborn live acoustic tab240.00
stillborn tab290.00
stillborn ver2 btab270.00
stillborn ver2 tab240.00
stillborn ver3 tab250.00
stillborn ver4 tab270.00
stillborn ver5 tab240.00
stoned and drunk tab250.00
stoned and drunk ver2 tab310.00
stronger than death album tab 812843id 14042009date260.00
stronger than death tab240.00
suffering overdue btab250.00
suicide messiah btab360.00
suicide messiah solo btab290.00
suicide messiah tab380.00
suicide messiah ver2 tab250.00
suicide messiah ver3 tab260.00
suicide messiah ver4 tab290.00
super terrorizer intro tab410.00
super terrorizer tab420.00
super terrorizer ver2 tab320.00
superterrorizer tab190.00


t a z tab230.00
takillya tab330.00
taz tab300.00
the beginning at last tab280.00
the blessed hell ride tab230.00
the blessed hellride album tab320.00
the blessed hellride crd230.00
the blessed hellride tab310.00
the blessed hellride ver2 crd280.00
the blessed hellride ver3 crd 790644id 13022009date310.00
time waits for no one crd 1040985id 28032011date270.00
too tough to die btab250.00


we live no more btab260.00
we live no more tab220.00
whats in you tab220.00
whats in you ver2 tab 911118id 11012010date210.00
whiter shade of pale tab290.00
wont find it here crd 798746id 06032009date220.00
wont find it here ver2 crd270.00
world of trouble tab240.00


yesterday today tomorrow crd220.00
you must be blind btab220.00
you must be blind tab320.00