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Blind Pilot is an American indie folk band based in Portland, Oregon, United States. They have released three albums and one EP since 2008. History On July 15, 2008, Blind Pilot released their debut CD 3 Rounds and a Sound on Expunged Records. "Go On, Say It", was chosen to be a Single of the Week on July 7, 2008 on Apple Inc.'s iTunes Store, and for the week of July 26 the record reached number 13 on the Billboard Top Digital Albums chart. Allmusic gave the album 3.5/5 stars. Originally a duo between Israel Nebeker and Ryan Dobrowski, the band added four touring members in February 2009. On December 29 of that year, the band released an iTunes only live EP. This EP featured a cover of Gillian Welch's "Look at Miss Ohio". The EP also included new versions of previously released songs, along with a new song, titled "Get It Out". The EP was mixed and recorded by Tucker Martine. Blind Pilot released their second album, We Are The Tide, on September 13, 2011 as a sextet. The album...
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3 rounds and a sound crd 1112908id 05122011date270.00


always crd 1106645id 07112011date360.00
always ver2 crd 1128684id 06022012date340.00


go on say it crd360.00
go on say it tab310.00


half moon crd 1109283id 18112011date260.00


i buried a bone crd 858348id 11082009date290.00
i buried a bone tab 803748id 19032009date310.00
i buried a bone ver2 crd 1093887id 20092011date320.00


just one crd 1097109id 03102011date280.00


keep you right crd 1097106id 03102011date300.00


new york crd 1113346id 05122011date280.00


one red thread crd 813909id 16042009date260.00
one red thread ver2 crd 815395id 20042009date270.00
one red thread ver3 crd 1085390id 22082011date330.00
oviedo crd360.00
oviedo tab330.00
oviedo ver2 crd 1149517id 25042012date280.00


paint or pollen crd 1037744id 17032011date300.00
paint or pollen intro crd 1035205id 09032011date310.00
paint or pollen intro tab 882955id 14102009date290.00
poor boy crd 834931id 11062009date290.00
poor boy ver2 crd 1115361id 13122011date280.00


the bitter end crd 994852id 11102010date270.00
the colored night crd 1177081id 22082012date330.00
the story i heard crd260.00
the story i heard ver2 crd 900457id 10122009date270.00
the story i heard ver3 crd 1006169id 25112010date260.00
things i cannot recall crd 822426id 12052009date300.00
things i cannot recall ver2 crd 1103939id 28102011date280.00
three rounds and a sound crd 806788id 28032009date280.00
three rounds and a sound tab 895173id 23112009date290.00
three rounds and a sound ver2 crd 835498id 11062009date290.00
three rounds and a sound ver2 tab 997833id 25102010date300.00
two towns from me crd 852187id 24072009date250.00


we are the tide crd 954539id 03062010date280.00
we are the tide ver2 crd 1097110id 03102011date270.00
white apple crd 1106331id 07112011date220.00