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Blindside is the debut album by Swedish hardcore punk band Blindside, released on Solid State Records in 1997. It was re-released by DRT Entertainment on May 10, 2005 with four unreleased demo tracks. Track listing United States "Invert" – 3:06 "Born" – 3:28 "Empty Box" – 4:05 "Superman" – 2:43 "Nerve" – 2:45 "This Shoulder" – 3:15 "Replay" – 2:46 "One Mind" – 4:12 "Liberty" – 3:13 "Daughter" – 2:24 "Teddy Bear" – 4:27 "Never" – 4:26 "Superman [Demo Version]" - 2:40 (On 2005 Re-release) "Liberty [Demo Version]" - 2:52 (On 2005 Re-release) "Forgiven [Demo]" - 2:42 (On 2005 Re-release) "Stolen [Demo]" - 2:32 (On 2005 Re-release) Europe "Daughter" - 2:25 "Liberty" - 3:15 "Nerve" - 2:48 "Superman" - 2:48 "Invert" - 3:09 "This Shoulder" - 3:17 "One Mind" - 4:19 "Sidewinder" - 4:25 "Never + Lova Herren" - 6:17 Japan "Daughter" - 2:25 "Liberty" - 3:15 "Nerve" - 2:48 "Superman" - 2:48 "Invert" - 3:09 "This Shoulder" - 3:17 "One Mind" - 4:19 "Sidewinder" - 4:25 "Never +...
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about a burning fire tab350.00
about a burning fire ver2 tab310.00
about a burning fire ver3 tab320.00
across waters again tab280.00
act tab390.00
act ver2 tab300.00
after youre gone tab350.00
after youre gone ver2 tab 819038id 30042009date240.00
all of us btab300.00
all of us intro tab390.00
all of us tab360.00
all of us ver2 tab290.00
as you walk tab370.00
ask me now tab320.00


black rose crd 890689id 09112009date250.00


caught a glimpse btab310.00
caught a glimpse drum tab 880590id 07102009date240.00
caught a glimpse intro tab410.00
caught a glimpse tab280.00
coming back to life btab370.00
cute boring love btab350.00
cute boring love tab390.00


daughter btab360.00
december in sweden tab450.00
die buying tab270.00


empty box tab370.00
endings tab300.00
endings ver2 tab300.00
eye of the storm btab370.00
eye of the storm tab310.00
eye of the storm ver2 tab370.00
eye of the storm ver3 tab 813520id 16042009date260.00


fell in love with the game btab330.00
fell in love with the game tab300.00
fell in love with the game ver2 tab350.00
follow you down btab350.00
follow you down drum tab 880556id 07102009date330.00
follow you down tab310.00
follow you down ver2 tab360.00
follow you down ver3 tab340.00


hooray its la solo tab410.00
hooray its la tab320.00


invert btab420.00


liberty btab320.00


midnight tab370.00
midnight ver2 tab 1011242id 13122010date280.00
my alibi tab360.00


painting tab410.00
painting ver2 tab280.00
paintings tab260.00
pitiful btab350.00
pitiful solo tab340.00
pitiful tab310.00
pitiful ver2 btab390.00
pitiful ver2 tab290.00
pitiful ver3 btab320.00
pitiful ver3 tab310.00
pitiful ver4 tab320.00
pitiful ver5 tab310.00
pitiful ver6 tab290.00
put back the stars tab250.00
put back the stars ver2 tab300.00


roads crd380.00
roads tab370.00
roads ver2 tab340.00
roads ver3 tab380.00
roads ver4 tab300.00


shekina tab400.00
sidewinder intro tab400.00
silence tab320.00
sleepwalking btab530.00
sleepwalking tab340.00
superman btab350.00
superman tab290.00
superman ver2 tab350.00
swallow tab350.00
swallow ver2 tab 1098981id 10102011date340.00


there must be something in the water tab 1116604id 19122011date270.00
there must be something in the wind crd 1087544id 01092011date280.00
this is a heart attack tab310.00
this is a heart attack ver2 tab260.00
this is a heart attack ver3 tab360.00
this time intro tab 1017453id 06012011date350.00
this time tab350.00
time will change your heart intro tab380.00
time will change your heart tab310.00


vow of silence tab330.00


we are all going to die tab330.00
we are all going to die ver2 tab360.00
we are to follow tab300.00
when i remember solo tab290.00
when i remember tab310.00
where the sun never dies btab290.00
where the sun never dies tab300.00


yamkela btab330.00
yamkela tab330.00
you can hide it tab310.00
you must be bleeding under your eyelids tab310.00