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Blitzen Trapper is a Portland, Oregon-based experimental country/folk/rock band associated with Sub Pop Records, Vagrant Records and Lojinx. Formed in 2000, the band currently operates as a quintet, with Eric Earley (guitar/harmonica/vocals/keyboard), Erik Menteer (guitar/keyboard), Brian Adrian Koch (drums/vocals/harmonica), Michael Van Pelt (bass), and Marty Marquis (guitar/keyboards/vocals/melodica). Blitzen Trapper self-released its first three albums. "Wild Mountain Nation" was No. 98 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Best Songs of 2007. Blitzen Trapper released its third album, Wild Mountain Nation, in 2007 to much critical acclaim from critics such as Pitchfork Media, The Nerve, and Spin Magazine. The group signed to Sub Pop Records in the summer of 2007. The release of Furr in 2008 was a high-water mark for the group as their eclectic new songs received a two-page feature in Rolling Stone. The album was ranked No. 13 on Rolling Stone's Best Albums of 2008 while the title...
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american goldwing crd 1122066id 13012012date300.00


badgers black brigade crd 932458id 22032010date340.00
below the hurricane tab 992031id 30092010date210.00
black river killer crd340.00
black river killer intro tab 847251id 13072009date340.00
black river killer intro ver2 tab 925562id 26022010date280.00
black river killer intro ver3 tab 934196id 26032010date210.00
black river killer intro ver4 tab 1161403id 15062012date330.00
black river killer intro ver5 tab 1167666id 13072012date280.00
black river killer tab 937221id 05042010date340.00
black river killer ver2 tab 1170964id 26072012date370.00
booksmart baby tab 997549id 21102010date270.00


country caravan crd 932448id 22032010date330.00


destroyer of the void tab 966674id 12072010date260.00
dragons song tab 957993id 14062010date240.00


echo always on easy con tab 1027464id 11022011date280.00
evening star crd 975431id 06082010date330.00


fletcher crd 1129602id 09022012date260.00
furr crd380.00
furr ver2 crd420.00
furr ver3 crd340.00
furr ver4 crd 794811id 24022009date280.00
furr ver5 crd 1202896id 24122012date280.00


girl in a coat crd 1119642id 13012012date280.00
god suicide crd 821020id 07052009date240.00


heaven and earth crd 961974id 25062010date260.00
heaven and earth ver2 crd 966661id 12072010date290.00


lady on the water crd 891686id 11112009date300.00
lady on the water ver2 crd 966841id 12072010date240.00
love the way you walk away crd 1097882id 05102011date350.00
love the way you walk away ver2 crd 1176648id 20082012date260.00


might find it cheap crd 1122581id 13012012date280.00
my home town crd 1096892id 03102011date280.00


not your lover crd 917949id 04022010date310.00


reno crd360.00


sadie tab 976875id 12082010date290.00
saturday nite crd370.00
silver moon crd 917941id 04022010date290.00
sleepytime in the western world crd340.00
stolen shoes and a rifle crd 801565id 13032009date260.00
stranger in a strange land crd 1096160id 28092011date240.00


taking it easy too long crd 1136085id 07032012date320.00
texaco crd 996262id 18102010date300.00
the man who would speak true crd 956668id 07062010date250.00
the tailor tab 968016id 16072010date240.00
the tree crd 1129104id 07022012date300.00


wild mountain nation crd 963925id 01072010date270.00
wild mountain nation live acoustic crd 896377id 26112009date300.00