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Bloc Party are an English indie rock band, currently composed of Kele Okereke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, sampler), Russell Lissack (lead guitar, keyboards), Justin Harris (bass guitar, keyboards, saxophones, backing vocals) and Louise Bartle (drums, percussion). Former members Matt Tong and Gordon Moakes left the band in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Their brand of music, whilst rooted in rock, retains elements of other genres such as electronica and house music. The band was formed at the 1999 Reading Festival by Okereke and Lissack. They went through a variety of names before settling on Bloc Party in 2003. Moakes joined the band after answering an advert in NME magazine, while Tong was picked via an audition. Bloc Party got their break by giving BBC Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq and Franz Ferdinand's lead singer, Alex Kapranos, a copy of their demo "She's Hearing Voices". In February 2005, the band released their debut album Silent Alarm. It was critically acclaimed and was...
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3x3 btab 1177873id 27082012date210.00


always new depths intro tab300.00
always new depths tab330.00
always new depths ver2 tab230.00
american kids tab240.00
american kids ver2 tab 836229id 13062009date160.00
answer btab260.00
answer tab 844120id 03072009date150.00
ares tab 802374id 17032009date190.00
atonement btab210.00
atonement tab310.00


banquet acoustic crd280.00
banquet btab 840387id 25062009date170.00
banquet drum tab 864772id 24082009date220.00
banquet tab250.00
banquet ver2 btab240.00
banquet ver2 tab210.00
banquet ver3 btab320.00
banquet ver3 tab480.00
banquet ver4 tab210.00
banquet ver5 tab220.00
banquet ver6 tab 1125738id 24012012date240.00
better than heaven btab220.00
better than heaven tab210.00
better than heaven ver2 btab 784764id 29012009date210.00
biko acoustic tab240.00
biko tab220.00
biko ver2 tab 835944id 12062009date170.00
biko ver3 tab 862791id 20082009date250.00
blue light btab210.00
blue light solo tab210.00
blue light tab220.00
blue light ver2 btab 888610id 02112009date160.00
blue light ver2 tab180.00
blue light ver3 btab 888615id 02112009date160.00
blue light ver3 tab220.00


cain said to abel tab220.00
cavaliers and roundheads btab210.00
cavaliers and roundheads tab240.00
chinese burn intro tab180.00
chinese burn tab 836218id 13062009date240.00
coliseum tab 1175997id 17082012date190.00
compliments solo tab 922783id 17022010date210.00
compliments tab210.00
compliments ver2 tab310.00
compliments ver3 tab270.00


day four btab 1193013id 05112012date230.00
day four tab 1172626id 03082012date190.00


emma kates accident tab250.00
england btab270.00
england tab240.00
england ver2 tab210.00


flux acoustic crd180.00
flux acoustic tab330.00
flux acoustic ver2 crd240.00
flux acoustic ver3 crd 850221id 20072009date190.00
flux btab300.00
flux crd250.00
flux live tab220.00
flux tab260.00
flux ver2 tab230.00
flux ver3 tab300.00
flux ver4 tab230.00


halo btab190.00
halo tab210.00
halo ver2 btab 869746id 07092009date190.00
halo ver2 tab 795571id 26022009date160.00
halo ver3 btab 979341id 18082010date200.00
halo ver4 btab 979583id 19082010date200.00
helicopter acoustic crd200.00
helicopter btab300.00
helicopter crd270.00
helicopter intro tab230.00
helicopter tab310.00
helicopter ver2 btab300.00
helicopter ver2 crd 924023id 22022010date210.00
helicopter ver2 tab310.00
helicopter ver3 btab280.00
helicopter ver3 tab270.00
helicopter ver4 btab 802577id 17032009date220.00
helicopter ver4 tab190.00
helicopter ver5 btab 1035649id 09032011date250.00
helicopter ver5 tab260.00
helicopter ver6 tab290.00
helicopter ver7 tab230.00
helicopter ver8 tab240.00
helicopter ver9 tab 1069755id 27062011date330.00
hero tab 891905id 11112009date180.00
hunting for witches btab200.00
hunting for witches crd 936721id 02042010date230.00
hunting for witches intro tab250.00
hunting for witches tab250.00
hunting for witches ver2 btab220.00
hunting for witches ver2 tab170.00
hunting for witches ver3 tab200.00
hunting for witches ver4 tab270.00
hunting for witches ver5 tab310.00


i still remember acoustic tab210.00
i still remember btab230.00
i still remember crd170.00
i still remember intro tab210.00
i still remember tab220.00
i still remember ver2 btab230.00
i still remember ver2 crd160.00
i still remember ver2 tab230.00
i still remember ver3 tab 867931id 02092009date150.00
idea for a story tab220.00
ion square btab230.00
ion square crd 786113id 02022009date210.00
ion square live tab 793340id 20022009date190.00
ion square tab250.00
ion square ver2 btab 827991id 23052009date200.00
ion square ver2 tab 858372id 11082009date170.00


kettling btab 1177816id 27082012date260.00
kettling tab 1193457id 07112012date160.00
kreuzberg btab240.00
kreuzberg tab180.00
kreuzberg ver2 btab 1109745id 21112011date180.00
kreuzberg ver2 tab240.00
kreuzberg ver3 tab210.00


leaf skeleton tab 1181023id 10092012date210.00
lean tab 1180582id 07092012date230.00
letter to my son btab 829608id 27052009date180.00
letter to my son intro tab 1019440id 18012011date180.00
letter to my son tab180.00
letter to my son ver2 tab 833155id 05062009date230.00
like eating glass acoustic crd 815307id 20042009date180.00
like eating glass btab240.00
like eating glass tab230.00
little thoughts btab220.00
little thoughts crd170.00
little thoughts tab220.00
little thoughts ver2 tab220.00
little thoughts ver3 tab 929893id 12032010date250.00
luno btab190.00
luno tab210.00
luno ver2 btab190.00


marshals are dead btab230.00
marshals are dead tab200.00
marshals are dead ver2 tab 1145253id 09042012date170.00
mean tab 1180880id 10092012date230.00
mercury btab210.00
mercury tab190.00


octopus btab 1167413id 11072012date180.00
octopus tab 1166642id 09072012date270.00
octopus ver2 tab 1167795id 13072012date200.00
on tab 817223id 25042009date180.00
once and future king btab280.00
once and future king intro tab250.00
once and future king tab160.00
one month off btab200.00
one month off intro tab210.00
one month off tab220.00
one month off ver2 btab190.00
one more chance tab 842244id 29062009date230.00


pioneers btab200.00
pioneers tab210.00
plans acoustic crd210.00
plans acoustic tab190.00
plans btab210.00
plans drum tab 880917id 07102009date190.00
plans tab270.00
positive tension btab270.00
positive tension solo tab180.00
positive tension tab230.00
positive tension ver2 btab230.00
positive tension ver2 tab190.00
positive tension ver3 btab230.00
positive tension ver4 btab 800189id 10032009date210.00
prayer acoustic crd190.00
prayer btab220.00
prayer tab220.00
prayer ver2 tab220.00
prayer ver3 tab230.00
price of gasoline btab230.00
price of gasoline tab230.00


real talk crd 1187119id 09102012date180.00
real talk tab 1164323id 28062012date170.00
rhododendron btab190.00
rhododendron tab220.00
rhododendrons tab 985860id 08092010date250.00


say it right crd 1121746id 11012012date270.00
say it right tab200.00
secrets btab190.00
secrets intro tab170.00
secrets tab 1039512id 22032011date190.00
secrets ver2 btab 1044434id 07042011date150.00
selfish son tab 785836id 02022009date190.00
shes hearing voices btab180.00
shes hearing voices tab210.00
shes hearing voices ver2 btab200.00
signs acoustic crd 809554id 06042009date230.00
signs btab220.00
signs crd250.00
signs live tab200.00
signs live ver2 tab220.00
signs tab220.00
signs ver2 tab 1128629id 06022012date200.00
signs ver3 tab 1195081id 15112012date220.00
skeleton btab 1121705id 11012012date190.00
skeleton tab290.00
skeleton ver2 tab240.00
skeleton ver3 tab280.00
skeleton ver4 tab200.00
so he begins to lie btab 1194948id 15112012date160.00
so he begins to lie tab 1176246id 20082012date160.00
so here we are acoustic tab170.00
so here we are btab 888616id 02112009date190.00
so here we are tab170.00
so here we are ver2 btab260.00
so here we are ver2 tab180.00
so here we are ver3 btab240.00
so here we are ver3 tab200.00
so here we are ver4 tab230.00
song for clay disappear here btab210.00
song for clay disappear here crd260.00
song for clay disappear here intro tab190.00
song for clay disappear here intro ver2 tab200.00
song for clay disappear here tab270.00
song for clay disappear here ver2 btab220.00
song for clay disappear here ver2 tab220.00
song for clay disappear here ver3 tab220.00
srxt crd190.00
srxt tab250.00
staying fat tab210.00
storm and stress acoustic tab170.00
storm and stress intro tab190.00
storm and stress tab200.00
storm stress acoustic tab200.00
straight thru cru tab 1177718id 27082012date240.00
sunday acoustic tab210.00
sunday btab260.00
sunday crd200.00
sunday solo tab340.00
sunday solo ver2 tab270.00
sunday tab220.00
sxrt intro tab230.00
sxrt tab240.00


talons acoustic crd170.00
talons btab200.00
talons tab240.00
talons ver2 btab 982353id 30082010date200.00
talons ver2 tab190.00
talons ver3 tab210.00
talons ver4 tab240.00
talons ver5 tab250.00
team a btab 1184219id 24092012date220.00
the healing tab 1176109id 20082012date200.00
the marshals are dead tab240.00
the prayer crd200.00
the prayer solo tab 1043445id 04042011date210.00
the present tab 890594id 07112009date140.00
this is not a competition tab 837352id 16062009date210.00
this modern love acoustic tab210.00
this modern love acoustic ver2 tab170.00
this modern love btab230.00
this modern love crd260.00
this modern love intro tab220.00
this modern love tab190.00
this modern love ver2 btab230.00
this modern love ver2 crd 1029397id 14022011date240.00
this modern love ver2 tab250.00
this modern love ver3 btab220.00
this modern love ver3 tab270.00
this modern love ver4 btab 888618id 02112009date160.00
this modern love ver4 tab190.00
trojan horse btab330.00
trojan horse tab200.00
trojan horse ver2 tab 774434id 21012009date190.00
truth btab 1202187id 20122012date200.00
truth crd 1187120id 09102012date260.00
truth intro tab 1179626id 03092012date180.00
tulips btab260.00
tulips crd230.00
tulips tab260.00
tulips ver2 btab250.00
tulips ver2 tab220.00
tulips ver3 btab 806993id 30032009date160.00
two more years btab200.00
two more years crd210.00
two more years tab190.00
two more years ver2 btab 1082451id 08082011date220.00
two more years ver2 crd250.00
two more years ver2 tab240.00


uniform btab280.00
uniform solo tab360.00
uniform tab240.00


valis tab 1176015id 17082012date180.00
valis ver2 tab 1177424id 23082012date180.00
version 20 btab220.00
version 20 tab220.00
vision of heaven btab230.00
vision of heaven intro tab210.00
vision of heaven tab240.00


waiting for the 7 18 acoustic tab210.00
waiting for the 7 18 btab250.00
waiting for the 7 18 tab200.00
we are not good people tab 1176164id 20082012date200.00
we were lovers btab 1041652id 30032011date270.00
we were lovers tab200.00
where is home btab 1171533id 30072012date240.00
where is home tab190.00
where is home ver2 tab230.00


your visits are getting shorter btab 795653id 26022009date150.00
your visits are getting shorter tab190.00