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Blood Red Shoes is the fourth album by Brighton-based rock band Blood Red Shoes, released on 3 March 2014 in the UK and Europe through Jazz Life Records. The album was recorded over a 6-month period in Berlin and was entirely self-produced and engineered by the band themselves. The first song from the album, "The Perfect Mess", was released on 1 December 2013, after 10 QR codes were found in different cities by the band's fans. Recording After releasing the Water EP in January 2013 (the first new Blood Red Shoes material since their third album In Time to Voices), the band moved to Berlin for six months to write and record the new album. Entirely self-produced, it is the first Blood Red Shoes album to not be a co-production with usual collaborator Mike Crossey. The album was also the first release by the band to be released through their own imprint, Jazz Life. In a press release, drummer Steven Ansell stated: "For this album we packed up all our stuff, got in a van and drove to...
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adhd tab 923967id 22022010date180.00
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black distractions tab 1200598id 13122012date140.00
box of secrets tab 922434id 16022010date150.00


cant find the door tab 922420id 16022010date190.00
cold tab 1134686id 02032012date170.00
colours fade intro tab 1002932id 10112010date220.00
colours fade tab 927077id 03032010date160.00
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count me out tab 930230id 15032010date150.00


doesnt matter much tab290.00
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dont ask tab 927019id 03032010date160.00
dont ask ver2 tab 967717id 16072010date200.00
down here in the dark tab 1190845id 25102012date160.00


follow the lines tab 930534id 15032010date200.00
forgive nothing tab200.00


heartsink intro tab 926783id 03032010date210.00
heartsink tab 928080id 09032010date180.00
hope youre holding up tab170.00


i wish i was someone better btab200.00
i wish i was someone better crd 948665id 12052010date220.00
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idle hands tab 1201094id 18122012date170.00
it is happening again tab 930146id 15032010date170.00
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its getting boring by the sea crd 1047973id 18042011date170.00
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its getting boring by the sea ver2 tab200.00
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je me perds tab 1200894id 14122012date180.00


keeping it close intro tab 926812id 03032010date210.00
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light it up tab 928173id 09032010date190.00


melvo tab 935604id 01042010date200.00


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say something say anything crd 936728id 02042010date170.00
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take the weight tab250.00
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